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Priceline: Dueling Coronado Springs in September

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How do you feel about a nice duel?

Coronado Springs El Centro at SunsetLooks like Priceline has awoken from its recent slumber and has decided to drop some Coronado Springs deals to match Hotwire’s offerings in September. I’m excited, because I missed Priceline.

I thought we bonded over the last few years, then nothing. They never call. They never send a card.

Oh well, I think I may be even more excited that I have reason to post a few more of my photos from our recent trip to Coronado Springs. It is hard to take a bad photo of this resort.

If you do visit, I highly recommend Three Bridges in the center of the resort for dinner – we loved it so much we ate there twice.

Okay, let’s get back to business. Only a few days ago I reported that Hotwire dropped a nice group of deals for both Coronado Springs and Pop Century. On my daily jaunt across the Internets today, I noticed that you can now find similar Coronado deals on Priceline Express through the middle of September.

In fact, they even do Hotwire one better, or more accurately, $1 better – their lowest price deal right now is for a low, low $103 on September 1st.

Coronado is fairly easy to spot in Express Deals – look for a 3.5-star, 8-guest rated resort with 500 reviews.

I’ve added a non-hidden deal alongside the Express Deal here for easier comparison.

There are a few other resorts with similar ratings, but Coronado is the only with reviews in the 500s.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek and Orlando Bonnet Creek (both timeshare resorts) how low review counts (24 and 53, respectively). Also both will appear as 3.5-star CONDO in deals.

Caribbean Beach may be a skosh trickier – but still is easily detectable with only 326 reviews. Plus, Caribbean Beach these days is almost always priced much higher than Coronado – the Skyliner tax, methinks.

If you take a jump over to Priceline and start searching, here’s what you might find on the calendar.

Priceline Express Coronado Deals in September 2021
Don’t forget to take a look around for Priceline codes that can take even more off of that price. Retailmenot usually has a good reference of current codes. Last time I looked you could get an additional 7% off these low prices.

Also don’t forget to pack your swim trunks for the quiet pool. Don’t ask me why I mention it.

If you book one of these Coronado deals or just enjoy a friendly duel, let us know in the comments!

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John Tierney

Security. Genealogy. Dad. Husband. Securigenealodadsband. Also: Disney fan who likes deals. and numbers. and churros. You can find his tweeter @JJT and his Instagram is @johnjtierney

7 thoughts on “Priceline: Dueling Coronado Springs in September

  • Thanks so much for the reply! I’ve learned a lot from you through the years and have been able to stay at some really great Disney hotels for great prices

  • Have you happened to see any Priceline or Hotwire Disney Hotels recently? I’ve been looking theblast month and don’t believe I’ve seen any.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I am sorry to say there have been no real hidden deals on either Priceline or Hotwire since late September. (And really, Priceline hidden deals have been missing in action since early last year.)

      Depending on the dates you search, you may see some deals on Hotwire for Coronado or one of the Value resorts, but they’ll be marked as “11% off” or so and once the hidden deal fee is added back in they’ll end up costing the same as a transparent deal. (And they’ll be non-refundable!)

      We continue to monitor the sites, so keep an eye on the Touring Plans blog – we’ll do our best to get the info out there when any deals do reappear!

      Oh, one other thing: You may see some transparent (non-hidden) Value deals on Priceline in late April and May for limited Mondays – Thursdays. They are actually slightly cheaper than Disney’s Spring discount when all taxes and fees are added in. But, we’re talking about only saving $11 a day – and if you instead booked directly at Disney using discounted gift cards, that savings would end up being only about $5 per day.

      Fingers crossed the hidden deals return soon!

  • John, I really enjoy your posts. I’m considering a Disneyland trip. Do you have any tips for identifying Priceline deals in Anaheim?

    • Hi Tammy,
      Thanks, glad you like them! 🙂

      A few years ago I started looking at the deals over near Disneyland, but really never found any of the Disney hotels showing up and there are just SO MANY other hotels there! So, sorry, I don’t have any specific tips for that area.

      But in general, the best and easiest Hotwire tactic in any location is to note the star and guest ratings on the resorts you like, then look for if any hidden deals match them.

      Then compare the ratings and review count to any non-hidden deals for the resort – plus match up the crossed out “full” price on the hidden deal to the non-hidden deal. The crossed out amount should be $1 off from the full price. (In rare instances it might be $2.)

      Good luck!

  • So I just searched Priceline and the cheapest CSR rate for 9/10-9/12 is $301 a night and it’s not even showing up on Express Deals.

    • Hi Brian,
      Well – that’s annoying. I wish these sites didn’t make it so difficult.

      I just checked again myself and I am still seeing it for those dates.

      Sometimes clearing the cache in your browser and/or app can help, or just using incognito mode on a desktop browser.

      I’m trying to add a screen capture of the deal to this reply, but WordPress isn’t playing that. You can see a capture of the one I just found here if the link above doesn’t get you to search results with it.


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