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Priceline Express Deals: February To Your Heart’s Content

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Hello again! If you’ve been following along with our Priceline posts, we’ve donned captain’s hats to Sail Into the New Year with deals at the Yacht Club and Animal Kingdom lodge.

Some of those are still out there for ready to be ridden into the sunset (or some other metaphor!).

We’ve also sought shelter under our umbrellas for a January Deluge of deals that had something for everyone from Value to Deluxe resorts. Through this week you could still find a smattering of those deals out there was well, mostly for Coronado Springs.

Today we found a new drop of February deals for you and some are just incredicrazy!
(I think I’ve used my exclamation point allotment now.)

  • All-Star Sports deals as low as $46
  • Coronado Springs as low as $82 (Honey, start the car!)
  • The Dolphin as low as $146
    (Remember: this resort will also have a daily resort fee around $33.75 added on.)

If you look around February a bit, you’ll also see other deals that were a little random to include in the calendar below – Caribbean Beach under $200, Beach Club in the mid to high $200s, along with some Yacht Club deals as low as $194. (Check around February 3rd for that last one.)

One caveat on some of the more recent Priceline Express Deals: Be aware of the Priceline fees included in the “Taxes & Fees” line item on the booking page. If you see Express Deals listed as around 10% off, you might find the added fees included in hidden deals may make them similar to refundable deals you might see out there.

Personally, if I’m booking a non-refundable deal I really want to see savings more than a few dollars. My suggestion is to check out what the resort rate is on regular Priceline listings as well as with Disney itself.

Now, let’s grab some of those $82 Moderate rooms! Woohoo!

If you’ve grabbed any of these incredicrazy deals, let us know in the comments!

(Snuck another exclamation point in there; borrowed it from my next post.)

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John Tierney

Security. Genealogy. Dad. Husband. Securigenealodadsband. Also: Disney fan who likes deals. and numbers. and churros. You can find his tweeter @JJT and his Instagram is @johnjtierney

35 thoughts on “Priceline Express Deals: February To Your Heart’s Content

  • Happy my work helped you! 🙂

    Yes – the app really does seem to be showing some sneaky deals not appearing on desktop these days. I’m working on writing up the best way to use that info now – issue is some of the deals on the app do not show the number of reviews, which makes identifying resorts more difficult.

  • Thanks to your spreadsheet and all your hard work, I was able to score All Star Movies for 2 nights March 10-12! I’m so appreciative of your work. I was able to get it through the app, I also saw AKL for $305 during the same week. Nothing was on the desktop version. Again something I learned from you. Check both versions.
    Thank you!

  • Logan – Hold the phone!
    I just checked the Priceline app for check in 2/18 and check out 2/20 (so 2 night’s hotel) – and see there is a $73 deal for a 3* 8-guest rated resort! The ONLY 3* resorts in Bonnet Creek are the All-Stars, Pop, and Art of Animation.

    Given that there that $129 Sports deal on the browser deals, and that same deal also shows right next to this hidden resort $73 deal, I think it is a pretty good bet it is for Sports too! (Using the app I have less info to guess more accurately, but I think it is a pretty good educated guess.)

  • Hi john

    Thank you for your prompt response. I think I listed my dates wrong as I’m a little turned around

    My dates are THIS Tuesday and Wednesday 2/18 & 2/19

    Does that change anything. Sorry I wasn’t more clear. Also what is a b resort ?

    Thank you for your time, my stressed out self really appreciates it

  • Hi Logan,
    Happy to help!

    First: all Disney resorts are in either Bonnet Creek or Disney Springs, so the Lake Buena Vista resort is out right off.

    Second: I’m really not seeing any Disney resorts out there right now at all. (Some very rare exceptions are popping up for 1 or 2 day windows when using the app as opposed to a desktop browser, but don’t see any for your dates.)

    When it comes to a resort – in addition to location you need to look at 3 factors all together to ID them: stars, guest rating, reviews. Otherwise you don’t have enough info to work with.

    Going with what I have: the only Disney 4* resort in Disney Springs is Saratoga Springs (8-guest and 16 reviews.) Right now I think it is very unlikely the deals out there are Saratoga.

    When I search for the 2 days you mention together I see a 4* 7-guest with 500 reviews for $151 – that is very likely B Resort. If you visit the booking page you should see a nightly $33 mandatory (resort) fee.

    (Although PL sometimes plays games and makes that fee amount slightly different, or can even leave it off.)

    I see another 4* 7-guest with 700 reviews for $248 which is very likely the Dolphin. You’ll see a nightly $30 mandatory fee on that booking page.

    Sorry there aren’t any better deals out there – Priceline is being stingy with Disney deals lately!

    Thanks for the offer of the GKTW donation – that’s a very nice gesture! 🙂

  • In fact if you can tell me which ones are Disney hotels for next Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll make a small donation to give kids the world in your name


  • Hi John

    I’m looking to go next Tuesday and Wednesday.

    I see 3.5 stars “Disney area – lake Buena vista
    4 star “Walt Disney world – Disney Springs “

    Do either of these sound like Disney resorts? I don’t see any bonnet creek

    Thank you


  • Hey Kerry!

    The only two 4* resorts with 7-guest ratings in Bonnet Creek are the Dolphin and AK Kidani.
    But Kidani only has about 15 guest reviews, while the Dolphin has 748 – so there’s your match.
    Another tip will be that you will see a mandatory fee (aka resort fee) on the booking page for $33.00.

    Just note that sometimes Priceline tries to obfuscate the fee a little, so you might see $33.75, or in some instances even no fee at all. (Even if they don’t list the fee, the PL terms of service says people still have to pay it at the resort, which is not a fair tactic.)

    But again, after all that: a 4* 7-rated resort in Bonnet Creek with 700 reviews is almost surely Dolphin as no other resort currently has anything near the same combination of numbers. Good luck!

  • Hi, John! I’ve been following your posts for so long, and I think I’m finally ready to try an Express deal!! It seems too good to be true, but I’m looking at a $153 a night deal for what I think is the Dolphin? 7+ rating, 700 reviews, 4 star in the WDW Bonnet Creek area? This would be for February-March. Would the Dolphin be the only match for that? Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help!

  • Very nice! 🙂

  • I scored the $146 deal at the Dolphin on Feb 16, which seemed like a really great deal considering that is Presidents Day weekend.

  • I booked Sports for $46 (-10%) for 2/10 after previously booking 2/11. As before, it wouldn’t work through a browser but did work on the app.

  • Thanks so much for these tools, just got the Swan for one night on 2/28 for 205+taxes/fees.

  • Actually, that was $46-5%, but taxes/fees were $2 more than the $45. price.

  • John, FWIW, I found some promo codes on a forum, so I tried the app at $49-5%. That worked and only cost $.70 more. One of the shopping portals offered 5% cashback, but since I could never book, it didn’t matter.

  • Ahh, That is weird – but not unusual for Priceline. 😉

    I’ve seen the different dollar amount issue happen fairly often – right now the Yacht Club is doing that on some of the deals that are left; when you click book the deal drops down a few dollars.

  • @John T, thanks. I have tried incognito mode (and clearing cache on reg mode) and using another browser; using my login and not. Another irregularity is that the listing shows $46. but when I choose the listing, the first Book page shows $45. This has been the behavior for each time trying over the past 30 hours. I’m pretty familiar with PL. I have, on occasion, received the hotel is gone, but this is new. It feels like trying to get the Magic Band upgrade. When I go to complete/book, I only get the message “Your purchase could not be completed
    We apologize for this inconvenience. Pricing and inventory changes often and the deal you selected is no longer available. Your payment method has not been charged.

    We appreciate your patience and thank you for using!
    Fortunately, this is not a big deal. I’m local so just look to get a really great deal when it comes along. Last year, I got 3 nights at Music for $48 per night mid-Feb (11-14). through PL.
    I haven’t tried the app or Hotwire (same listing) as each is about $5. more.
    I appreciate the reply.

  • Hi Rhea,
    Priceline can be weird – sometimes deals will appear in results, but you’ll get a “Sorry! Deal is Gone!” message when you try to book. I just tested a few deals and they all worked for me though, so keep trying if you haven’t been successful!

    Sometimes it helps to try searching and clicking on Book when in incognito mode in your browser (or just clear your cookies.)

  • Hi Derek,
    Yes, Since Priceline has changed the code on their site, at this point Hotel Canary is no more. It has ceased to be, bereft of life. 😉
    The developer has not updated the Chrome extension since the start of 2018, so I’m not holding too much hope for it.

  • Woohoo!

  • I would like to report success with Priceline with All Star Sports; however, I have tried a couple of dozen times over the past 24 hours to book where it shows availability (opaque). I don’t think the listing exists, but 24 hours is plenty of time to have removed it, if that’s the case. FWIW, I’ve only tried the <$50 deals.
    Your calendar post is REALLY appreciated. Great job. I can't seem to keep up with all the wonderful info TP has.

  • I used your info last summer and saved a lot. Thank you! Is the hotel canary extension broken? It no longer works on my two devices. I do see you put out a spreadsheet though which likes very helpful.

  • Thanks so much! I booked the Dolphin for two of the consecutive nights at quite a discount to what I had been looking at and was giving me sticker shock. It will be fantastic to be able to walk to the park.

    Thanks also for the other post and Universal spreadsheet. I’m going to use that as well for the next trip.

  • Thank you for the info!

  • Hi Michael,

    It is easy to identify the All-Stars as a group – they are the only 3* resort in Bonnet Creek. To tell them apart from each other, the next thing to compare is the guest rating, but with the All-Stars all are 8-guest rated except for Music, which is a 7. So, that doesn’t help that much.

    A better tie-breaker is the number of guest reviews posted on the Express Deal. On the deal they round them down to the nearest 100 (or 10 for reviews less than 100). You can compare those to the reviews shown on Priceline’s page for each resort.

    At this point, Music has 309 reviews, Movies has 308, Sports has 497.

  • How can you tell which one is for All Star resorts under Express Deals?

  • Terrific!

  • It can be either – last year most sets of deal drops occurred about 2 to 6 weeks out from the dates. But, there were a few that happened with longer time frames.

    A few weeks ago deals came out that ran all the way to Thanksgiving – but a few days later they all ghosted away leaving only deals until the start of March.

    My general suggestion is to check once or twice a week starting 3 to 4 the months prior to your trip, then increase checking a few more times per week as you get about 2 months out. Plus – keep an eye on the Touring Plans Blog! 🙂

  • Took advantage of your earlier January post and booked ASports in late February. Thanks for your tips and guidance, it help to save a ton of money.

  • Are these typically last minute deals or do they work when you are booing months in advance?

  • Water view – excellent! I love to hear reports like that. 🙂

  • I am very thankful for these posts! I got a great deal at Yacht Club earlier this month, and it ended up being a water view reservation, which would have cost more than twice the price!

  • Fingers crossed for March!

  • These post are great! I get excited each time I see one. Thanks for doing them. I’m still holding out for March 8th week. Hoping to find something good!


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