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Progressive Dinner Around World Showcase

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EPCOT has a plethora of great food options, including dining locations in each of the 11 different countries around World Showcase. With so many amazing possibilities, how do you even begin to choose which restaurant you want to visit for dinner?

For everyone out there who is indecisive, like me, here is a fun way to sample many different cuisines instead of having to pick a single one – try doing a progressive dinner around World Showcase!

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of a progressive dinner, it typically refers to a social gathering where each course is eaten at a different person’s house (or a different restaurant) in the same evening, progressing from one location to the next.

As it would not be practical to attempt a progressive dinner at table service restaurants (talk about an Advanced Dining Reservation nightmare!), and Festival booths change regularly throughout the year, I will focus on crafting a fun and delicious progressive dinner through EPCOT’s permanent counter service locations, with selections both savory and sweet. As Remy would say: bon appetit!

Appetizer: Chips & Guacamole

La Cantina de San Angel, Mexico

Let’s start our clockwise loop around World Showcase in the Mexico pavilion, with a tried-and-true favorite: chips and dip. In this case the chips are crunchy, homemade tortilla chips, and the dip is a fresh, delicious guacamole. It’s the perfect combination, and light enough to leave you wanting more.

Appetizer: Egg Rolls

Lotus Blossom Cafe, China

For a second tasty appetizer, visit China for some pork and vegetable egg rolls. Crispy on the outside, and nice and hot on the inside, these egg rolls are sure to please. But if you prefer, you could also opt for some pot stickers here instead.

Bread Course: Jumbo Pretzel

Sommerfest, Germany

Is a bread course a thing? And if so, do soft pretzels count? I’ve decided the answer to both is a resounding: yes! Enjoy your own little piece of Bavaria with this hand-rolled pretzel, baked to perfection, and lightly salted.

Salad Course: Power Greens Salad

Regal Eagle Smokehouse, America

Don’t forget a nice salad before your main course. In the American pavilion, you can find the flavorful Power Greens Salad, which includes mixed greens topped with both fresh and dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and radishes, plus a citrus vinaigrette dressing.

Main Course: Sushi or Teriyaki

Katsura Grill, Japan

I hope you’ve saved room, because there are plenty of great options for your main course here. Whether you want to try a few sushi rolls, a teriyaki bowl with rice and your favorite protein, or you’d prefer a noodle dish, you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

Dessert: Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

L’Artisan des Glaces, France

It’s time for my favorite part of any meal: dessert. France has many delicious treats to choose from (chocolate mousse, crepes, beignets, etc.) but I recommend the macaron ice cream sandwich. Available in both chocolate and a seasonal flavor, this is just the right amount of sweetness to end your meal.

Dessert: Maple Popcorn

Popcorn in Canada, Canada

You’ve heard of second breakfast, right? Well how about second dessert? It’s been a long day exploring World Showcase, but it’s not over yet! You’ll probably want a little treat to munch on while you find the perfect viewing spot for EPCOT Forever and wait for the show to begin. Try this Canadian delicacy that’s both crunchy and sweet, and perfect for sharing.


Final Tips:

  • Consider splitting your portions with a friend or family member, to make sure you have enough room for every course!
  • If you’re not a big fan of any or all of these suggestions, take a look at EPCOT’s quick service dining menus to create your very own progressive dinner!

It’s a shame to only experience one or two of these unique cultural cuisines, especially if you don’t get to visit EPCOT very often. A progressive dinner will allow you to sample many flavors, return to old favorites, and find new ones. Next time you’re exploring World Showcase, give it a try!

What dishes would you recommend for a quick service progressive dinner at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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