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Magic Kingdom Quick Service Lunch & Dinner – Ranked!

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Over a day in the Magic Kingdom, you can easily walk 5 miles or more. At some point, you’ll want to stop and eat. Today we’re going to cover where to eat Quick Service lunch and dinner in the Magic Kingdom. Looking for breakfast? See Four Places For a Quick Breakfast in the Magic Kingdom.

We’ve ranked these locations based on their ratings in TouringPlans user surveys. The dining is first in case you’re in the parks and reading on the go, but if you’re planning ahead there are some general tips at the end.

One thing to note: Quick Service food in the Magic Kingdom is generally uninspired. Menus will remind you of generic tourist attraction food, and it’s not going to knock your socks off in quality either. If you’re getting a late start or plan to leave around dinner time, it may be worth setting your sights on a meal outside the park.

#1: Columbia Harbor House

Columbia Harbor House is in Liberty Square, catty corner to the Riverboat. Seafood is well represented on this menu that harks to the fisheries of New England, but there are a few items for the fish-averse. The fried items are quality, the not-fried items are also very solid, and the green beans are routinely green and not gray. What more can you ask for? In the Magic Kingdom, not a lot. The 92% rating says that most guests are quite happy. See the menu here.

#2: Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner holds down the corner (ha-hah) of Main Street at the hub, and the theming here is right on point. There’s variety on the menu, but it’s all about what you want on top of your hot dog and not about whether your meal includes one. If you’re the lone holdout in a family of dog lovers, you can make a meal out of the loaded fries, or the chili is also available as a side. The indoor seating at Casey’s is limited, and the more extensive outside seating can fill up quickly at certain times of the day. But the food is easy to carry away and eat wherever you’re parked while waiting for fireworks or a parade, as many do. See the menu here.

#3: Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

In Frontierland, Pecos Bill’s vaguely Mexican menu is a mix of burgers, bowls, and nachos. Optional toppings are available and worthwhile; some are free and some are an upcharge. There’s nothing about the food here that’s particularly bad. There’s just also not anything about it that’s astonishingly good. You’re unlikely to view it as a culinary highlight, but a stop here will get you off your feet and keep you going through the afternoon or evening. See the menu here.

#4: Pinocchio Village Haus

So Pinocchio is Italian and thus Pinocchio Village Haus features Italian cuisine. (We will not inquire deeply into the Germanic spelling of “house”.)  In this Fantasyland eatery, Italian cuisine means mostly pizza, also known as flatbread in Disney-speak. Disney World is not known for quality pizza, and the 80% guest rating here reflects that. Still, 80% is 4 satisfied families out of 5, and the food is no worse than you’ll find at many theme parks. See the menu here.

If you do make a stop at Pinocchio Village Haus, head to the upstairs seating. It’s quiet(er), and you may be able to score a table where you can watch the boats load at it’s a small world.

#5: Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

As you pass through Tomorrowland, drop into Cosmic Ray’s and catch a set by Sonny Eclipse. The animatronic performer will make your meal memorable in a way that the food won’t. The menu is standard theme park: burgers and chicken sandwiches, and the quality is standard theme park too. Sonny Eclipse is great, but this is the worst-ranked Quick Service spot in the Magic Kingdom. If it weren’t for the fact that so much of the food in this park is ho-hum, we would definitely recommend giving it a pass. See the menu here.

General Tips

⭐ Quick Service restaurants get very busy around lunch, especially at peak times of the year. Most in the Magic Kingdom open by 10:30 am: that might be on the early side but we recommend that you arrive by 11:30 or wait until it’s closer to 1 pm. Otherwise you may find a long line, or a long wait for a seat. Mobile Ordering in advance can help, but when the line is backed up it takes longer to pick up Mobile Order too. The dinner crowd tends to be a bit more spread out.

⭐ Aside from Casey’s Corner, all the restaurants on this list have fairly extensive seating. Three of them – Columbia Harbor House, Pinocchio Village Haus, and Pecos Bill’s – have second-floor seating that is usually quieter and less crowded.

⭐ Locations that don’t serve broad lunch/dinner menus were left off this list so we could focus on spots with enough variety to make everyone happy. But, Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, the Golden Oak Outpost, the Friar’s Nook, and the Lunching Pad all have a few entrees available. These are technically Quick Service Kiosks and seating is more limited.

What’s your favorite Quick Service lunch or dinner in EPCOT? Are you on Team Variety or Team Everything is One Dish? Let us know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Quick Service Lunch & Dinner – Ranked!

  • We alternate between Columbia Harbor House and baked potatoes in Liberty Square. That’s still a thing, right?

    • I think the baked potatoes are gone – they’re not on the menu. But they were never something my family did, so I could be wrong on that.

  • Back “in the day” the starlight cafe was great bargain. Even with Sunny Eclipse doing the lounge lizard music. Which I rather enjoyed.
    They had a pre-covid condiment bar to decorate your burger and those ‘in the know’ would order a double burger…and extra bun. So, you’d hack out two fully decked out burgers with access to the included condoment bar– it was just your basic Disney burger…but ordering a ‘double’ and ability to get a 20 cent extra bun to disassemble and share .. with condiment bar access. It was a great deal.


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