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REVIEW – Delightful Holiday Treats at Amorette’s Including One of the BEST Desserts We’ve Had in a Long Time

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With every major holiday we get excited to visit Amorette’s Patisserie because there are always so many delightful seasonal items. The winter holiday season brings with it so many decadent flavors. It is hard to decide which we like better, the autumn flavors, or the winter ones. Our team had the daunting task of ordering some of the highlights of the holiday treats available at Amorette’s.

Holiday Desserts at Amorette’s

Here’s how the holiday desserts ranked among our team, in order of preference:

  1. Chocolate Peppermint Creme Brûlée $9.00
  2. Poinsettia Petit Cake $18.00
  3. Holiday Mickey Mousse $9.00
  4. Black Forest Parfait $8.00

The Chocolate Peppermint Creme Brûlée is one of the best desserts our team has enjoyed in a long time. It’s slightly minty and has such a wonderful mix of textures–the meringue and sugar are crunchy and the custard is creamy and fantastic. The Poinsettia Petit cake has most of the makings of the usual petit cake that Amorette’s offers, but the Cherry Jam and Frangelico Syrup really elevate this for those with a sophisticated palate.

Holiday Desserts at Amorette’s
Poinsettia Petit at Amorette’s

If you want a dessert that is festive without the traditional holiday flavors, the Holiday Mickey Mousse is a great option. It has delicious chocolate flavors with chocolate chiffon cake, and both white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse. The one disappointing dessert our team tried was the Black Forest Parfait. The flavors were very light and left our team wishing there was more to this treat.

Holiday Mickey Mousse at Amorette’s

You can view listings and ratings for all Walt Disney World restaurants on our site and our Lines app. Our readers give Amorette’s a 94% thumbs up rating and rank it 15 out of 41 similar options at Walt Disney World. Besides a lovely interior there are tables and chairs, with umbrellas just outside. Mobile ordering is not available at this location, and sometimes the line can get a little long as patrons often have a hard time deciding among all the beautiful creations.

Have you visited Amorette’s Patisserie before? Which of these holiday desserts sound the best to you?


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