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REVIEW – If You’re Ever at EPCOT When Pizza al Taglio is Open, Eat There!

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One of the great things about eating at EPCOT is being able to pick up quick bites at each of the World Showcase pavilions. At the Italy Pavilion there is a pizza window that is only open during peak periods like the winter holidays and spring break. If you’re ever at EPCOT when Pizza al Taglio is open, be sure to stop in for a slice. That’s exactly what our field team did during the New Year rush.

Pizza al Taglio Pizza Window at EPCOT

What makes Pizza al Taglio so good?

You’re able to enjoy the similar quality pizza served at Via Napoli, but by the slice. This can save you money because of the smaller portion, but also because it is a casual walk-up window rather than a table service experience. When dining at a table service restaurant you’re likely to order an appetizer, or specialty drink, or a dessert. The experience can add up quickly.

Pizza al Taglio menu

The pizza at Via Napoli and its pizza window, Pizza al Taglio, is made with lots of care to be true to pizza from Naples, Italy. The staff at the window told our field reporter that this includes importing water from Italy to the kitchen at EPCOT in order to create authentic crust. Our readers give it a 91% thumbs up rating and rank it 20 out of 106 quick service options at Walt Disney World.

If you’re wondering, “pizza al taglio” loosely translates to pizza by the slice.

Pizza al Taglio – Pepperoni Pizza slice

The Pepperoni Pizza slice we were served would satisfy anyone craving fresh, authentic Italian pizza, but would also be shared among two people who were sampling the tastes of World Showcase. The sauce was rich, the mozzarella cheese was fresh and melty and the pepperoni slices were small, salty, and crispy, nice and bite sized.

Pizza al Taglio – Pepperoni Pizza slice

The one downside is that the price has increased. It was $8.50 for this slice of pepperoni, but it is delicious. We were told that Pizza al Taglio will close up on January 3, 2021, with plans to reopen in March around spring break time.

Have you ever visited the Pizza al Taglio window at EPCOT? What did you think?

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13 thoughts on “REVIEW – If You’re Ever at EPCOT When Pizza al Taglio is Open, Eat There!

  • This pizza was heaven! Great sauce, perfect crispy little pepperoni! The bread was great, not too soft, just light enough.
    Certainly not up to a snobby New Yorker’s idea of crappy pizza.

    Go get some, if you can. You are in for a treat!

  • We were last at Epoct mid-October 2020; sadly, at that time, the Pizza window was closed. As of March 2021, is it open again? Can you get cocktails and beverages as well as a pizza slice at the pizza window? Thanks!

  • Had my first slice on New Year’s Day and will definetly be going back again! I’ve always wondered where in Disney I could get a slice of pizza!

  • Hi, I’m just coming to post that you should definitely question your field staff as every commenter on this post, including my own, is saying you should SKIP THIS PIZZA. It’s not pizza, it’s fluffy bread with a ton of cheese. The actual pizza inside is leagues better

  • Guess you never had a slice in NY. This would get laughed out of town.

    • Oh nothing beats New York City pizza for sure. But this is Epcot’s Italy Pavilion, not their NYC Pavilion :-). Maybe one day Disney will have good NYC style pizza.

  • This has to be a joke… My family and I foolishly ordered the equivalent of a whole pie this past week and were very disappointed. This pizza (if you want to call it that) is awful! The texture of the pizza dough (crust) was very odd, sauce lacked flavor and was unedible. We all looked at each other saying what is this? We pretty much threw $100.00 away on this garbage. Honestly speaking, frozen store pizza blows this out of the water!!!! If you want real pizza visit N.Y.

    • Oh boy that’s a real shame. Thanks for adding your experience to the discussion. Our field reporter really enjoyed her slice but it’s always good to get other opinions.

  • Sure doesn’t look like $16.00! All the people out of work and wdw doesnt see anything wrong with charging that kind of $$$ for pizza and a drink?

    No one appears to be in charge any more.

  • An early review of the restaurant when it opened said that the water comes from Pennsylvania and is nearly identical in mineral content to the water from Italy. I have never seen any information stating that the water is imported.

    • Hey Sherri, that’s what our field reporter indicated. We’ll see if we can investigate further. Thanks for reading!

  • Did they recently change? The last time I ate there, the pizza was not like Via Napoli’s.

    • Hey Jerad, my word choice may not have been the best. It is not the same exact pizza that is sold in Via Napoli, but it is prepared in the same kitchen with the same basic ingredients. Our field team loved it, and I can’t wait to try it for myself some time. Thanks for reading!

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