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REVIEW – Santa’s Crepe and Cherries Jubilee Bubble Waffle at AristoCrepes – One’s Naughty, One’s Nice

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AristoCrepes at Disney Springs often gets overlooked. But, this little kiosk near the water serves up seasonal treats that are usually great. Two new seasonal treats are getting some attention: Santa’s Crepe and Cherries Jubilee Bubble Waffle. Let’s see which one is on our nice list and which one is on our naughty list.

Santa’s Crepe and Cherries Jubilee Bubble Waffle

Santa’s Crepe is a bright red crepe filled with egg nog custard and praline pieces. It is rare that a food that is clearly made “for the ‘gram” actually tastes good too. And sadly that’s the case here. The crepe is supposed to be served cold, which doesn’t sound too appealing, but how else are they going to get the whipped cream to not melt for a few moments so we can all get our glorious photos up on Instagram?

The crepe that our field team was served was actually warm. I asked our brave team what the buckle on the hat was made out of, and I am going to simply paste the response word for word, because there is no way I could improve upon it: “It was a gelatinous plop. I don’t know what it was made of. It slid around a bit because the crepe was warm. It had like a jellied-ish consistency but wasn’t jelly.” My heartfelt thanks to our field team for braving this one; Santa’s Crepe is certainly on our naughty (and yuck) list.

Santa’s Crepe at AristoCrepes
Cherries Jubilee Bubble Waffle

The Cherries Jubilee Bubble Waffle is a little pricey, but definitely worth it. A bubble waffle is topped with vanilla ice cream, cherries jubilee sauce, praline pieces, and whipped cream. The cherries were a little tart, bringing a nice balance to the sweet ice cream and waffle. The serving is large enough to be shared.

AristoCrepes Holiday Offerings

There are other, better holiday treats at Disney Springs – might we suggest stopping at Amorette’s for the Chocolate Peppermint Creme Brûlée. But, if you love bubble waffles then AristoCrepes is worth a visit.

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  • That crepe just looks awful! All that red food coloring…was the teams’ mouths red for the next week? Yuck. That bubble waffle looks amazing though!

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