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REVIEW – Say “Feliz Navidad” at Dockside Margaritas

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One of our favorite little “secrets” is visiting Dockside Margaritas at Disney Springs for their seasonal margaritas. For the holiday season you can say “Feliz Navidad” at Dockside Margaritas with a seasonal margarita. Our team enjoyed the waterside views as they sipped on this festive seasonal margarita.

Dockside Margaritas

The Feliz Navidad Margarita is a fairly simple recipe with Herradura Blanco Tequila, Crème de Cassis, and apple juice. The color is simply gorgeous thanks to the Crème de Cassis (which is a sweet liqueur made from black currants). The Blanco Tequila is very light, so combining that with the sweet Crème de Cassis and the apple juice, you’ve got a very sweet and light margarita.

Feliz Navidad Margarta Description
Feliz Navidad Margarta at Dockside Margaritas

Thankfully the chili salt rim adds a nice contrast and some mild heat. A lime wedge is added as a garnish, and our team recommends squeezing it in to add some tartness, and perhaps asking for a second one if you really want to cut back the sweet. Sipping on this beauty at Dockside Margaritas is a great way to stop and take a minute to enjoy the season in a relaxing outdoor venue.

Feliz Navidad Margarta at Dockside Margaritas

For $15.00 this is a very good, fresh-made cocktail. It certainly beats the disaster that was the Peppermint Margarita last year. Yes, there are a few tiny ways 2020 is better than 2019 – we’ll take the small victory.

Have you ever stopped for a margarita at Dockside Margaritas? Where do you love to grab a drink at Disney Springs?

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