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Rivers of Light: We Are One Nighttime Spectacular to Debut at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Since its debut two years ago, Disney’s Animal Kingdom‘s nighttime spectacular, Rivers of Light has been through its ups and downs. The show had multiple delays, issues with story, and just didn’t necessarily live up to the hype. We had speculated that an updated show would likely be on the horizon and today, Disney announced that this new show was finally coming.

Called Rivers of Light: We Are One, this updated version of the show will still feature illuminated lantern floats, grand imagery, a soaring musical score and special effects. But this new show will incorporate one thing that many thought was missing – Disney stories. You see, the original Rivers of Light show didn’t include any Disney characters, at all. Now, many, like myself, didn’t have a problem with that, but it seemed that due to this missing link, the majority of Guests found the show to be exceedingly lackluster.

The updated, Rivers of Light: We Are One will introduce additional imagery and familiar animal characters from Disneynature films, along with classic moments from Disney animation. This change is slated to share our connection with animals. The music of the updated show will still feature that gorgeous original score, but it will also include Disney themes in the arrangement too.

Rivers of Light: We Are One will debut in the Discovery River Amphitheater beginning Memorial Day Weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Rivers of Light: We Are One Nighttime Spectacular to Debut at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Dean Finder

    God forbid we should have a story-based show that requires you to see something different and think about it.
    Just shoot for the lowest common denominator and that a barrel full of princesses at people.

  • John Abraham

    I thought the show was great already with the shamans on the boats, but I guess they cut all the actors from the current version since I saw it last year. Weird choice considering, when I was there at least, the place was packed (end of January). If the addition of Disney characters to this show brings back the shamans I would be happy but if it’s just a bunch of characters dancing on the boats I’ll be disappointed.

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