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Shark Reef Closing at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

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Typhoon Lagoon

Shark Reef, a unique experience at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park, will be closed effective October 3, 2016. This move is part of the park’s continued growth and expansion.

Recently Disney announced that it would build a new water attraction called Miss Fortune Falls, a white-water, family-friendly adventure.

Shark Reef allowed Guests to don fins, mask, snorkel and a life vest before snorkeling in the an extremely cold saltwater pool that was home to fish, rays, and very small sharks. Those who didn’t want to swim could still see the fish through a underwater glass viewing window.

The animals currently found in Shark Reef will be relocated to other places around the Walt Disney World Resort.

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10 thoughts on “Shark Reef Closing at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

  • I did this years ago and loved it! Was so hoping to do it this time when we go to Disney. Bummer.

  • Noooo!!! We were planning on going just a couple of days after this :/. This is our favorite pet of the park .

  • We were there this summer and so glad that my son was able to experience this for the first and probably now last time. The underwater viewing area though was closed off and it didn’t look like a temporary closure.

  • I’m so happy I got to experience this for the first time earlier this month. I’m not sure if it’s because we were there on a “cooler” (85 and cloudy) day, or because we’re from Maryland and the ocean is pretty cold here, but it did not seem very cold at all! My husband and I both commented that the water did not feel nearly as cold as we were expecting.

  • Very sad! We wanted a do-over: I was half-drowning and struggling with my glasses preventing the mask from staying on (the few brief moments were totally awesome!). One of my sons felt like he froze to death, and my other son had a mini-panic attack from not knowing what to do! And freezing! WE LOVED IT

  • Sad to see this close. Only had a chance to do it once, and it was truly a unique experience for a family water slide park. Hopefully another unique experience will take its place.

    • I think you might be thinking of Aquatica which has a clear slide through the dolphin tank. This is snorkelling among fish etc

  • I guess I’m very thankful we were looking at going to Typhoon Lagoon when we arrive on 9/30. It’s really the thing I want to do most there so I’ll get an opportunity to do that.

    • You are so lucky… We will be there on October 4th…!

  • NOOOOOOO! I was really looking forward to doing this my sons next year. 🙁

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