shopDisney Introduces MerchPass – An Opportunity to Purchase Limited Edition Items

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Two things are true when Disney releases limited edition items: 1) People are going to flock to the parks and shopDisney online to snatch them up and 2) This flocking leads to frustrating experiences for everyone, except eBay pirates. Disney is introducing MerchPass on shopDisney online in hopes of eliminating, or at least reducing, the frustration.

This new program is being introduced alongside the next addition to the Castle Collection. The thing about MerchPass is your entering online for a MerchPass does not guarantee you’ll actually receive the MerchPass. You’re entering for a chance to purchase items. Read that again. You’re entering for a chance to purchase items.

Arendelle Castle Collection on shopDisney
MerchPass on shopDisney online
MerchPass Announcement

Here’s how the MerchPass works according to shopDisney’s website:

MerchPass Early Access Drawings

How does the drawing work?

  1. Visit the Early Access Drawing page. Be sure to sign up for emails to be in the know of what products are coming out and where to enter for MerchPass drawings.
  2. Log in to your Disney Account or create a new account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Select your item(s).
  4. Click “Submit” to enter the Early Access Drawing.
  5. Look out for an email from shopDisney Merch Pass – Early Access Drawing,,  to find out whether your entry was selected in the Early Access Drawing. If your entry was selected, you will receive an email by the time noted on the Early Access Drawing page. If you do not receive an email, you were not selected (make sure it’s not in SPAM or Promotions Folders), but check back for other Early Access Drawing opportunities!
  6. IF YOUR ENTRY WAS SELECTED:  Item(s) will be automatically added to your Bag. Log in to your Disney Account to complete your purchase by the time designated on the Early Access Drawing page using the link in the notification email.

You can enter the drawing for more than one item, but there is a limit of one entry per product, per person. For more information on shopDisney’s MerchPass I suggest visiting their FAQs page.

Do you think this new system will help? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “shopDisney Introduces MerchPass – An Opportunity to Purchase Limited Edition Items

  • It really stinks- I collect all things Minnie and just wanted a plush and pin set. I was selected for the plush- yay, but now have to hope I get the pins AND PAY shipping AGAIN! And of course the worry that I won’t be selected each month to complete my collection. Very frustrating that there doesn’t seem to be a way around all those buying to make a profit!

  • This is a horrible idea. By cousin, who is a big pin collector, is done! He buys pin online and is quite upset. Who has time to check if your lucky enough to get a buying window. Just lost another Disney family.

  • the items went on sale on July 27th..but literally 48hours later, purhase is closed? And THIS is suppose to alleviate the frustration of being able to buy Disney merchandise? How about instead of only providing enough merch to supply a lottery, a very select group of individuals, or the few who have inside purchase access and them supply ebay…Disney actually produce enough merch items to supply the actual demand? The community who would love to buy Disney items frustration free are left to search through ebay to buy items at exhorbant prices.

  • I wrote the comment above that this “sounds great”. Guess not, since I clicked right away and was over 8200 in the queue. I agree that we collectors are losing to those just interested in profiting. Don’t know what or if there’s a solution.

  • Of course I didn’t get selected. How does this help the true collectors? I had a better chance BEFORE the lottery. So frustrating & disappointing. Disney needs to DO BETTER!

  • The only thing MerchPass stopped was us collectors from having a chance to purchase an item. Of course, I didn’t get chosen in the lottery. But if you look on EBay and Mercari, there are hundreds of listings for the Frozen Castle Pin selling at $70-200. Some sellers even have multiple purchases of the pins. How is it that when I wasn’t even chosen to be able to make one purchase of an item? I had a better chance before the lottery. Like the Star Wars release, this was a complete fail. I’m so done with Disney.

  • This sounds great. Something similar was done for exclusive pins before the 2018 D23 Destination D and it worked out well. Hopefully this will resolve the problem of those scurvy naves, the eBay pirates. Yo Ho.

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