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Shopping in the Epcot Countries – Get to Know the United Kingdom

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Epcot’s World Showcase countries are a magical entree into the world at large. Even if you can’t get to China or France or Morocco, you can gain some insight into the culture of those places through the attractions, architecture, and food represented in the Epcot pavilions. But let’s face it, one of the key enticements of the World Showcase pavilions is the shopping. Even if you’ll never get to London, you can get souvenirs from the United Kingdom without ever leaving Florida.

We’re going on a tour of the shopping opportunities in Epcot’s World Showcase countries — this time we’re visiting the United Kingdom. Bear in mind that the merchandise mix in the parks is constantly changing. While all the photos in these posts were taken in the first half of 2019, it’s quite possible that some of these specific items will be gone by the time you visit. They will, however, give you the flavor of what you can expect to find as you shop around the World Showcase.

The merchandise in the UK pavilion is theoretically divided into several different shops, with thematic specialties. There a tea shop, a toy store, a shop for heraldry items, and so on, but many of the shops are connected, and you can pay for items at any of the shop subdivisions, so they all blend together in my mind.

Be aware that there are two sections of shops on either side of the courtyard, don’t forget to visit both areas.


Like the other European countries of the World Showcase, the UK has a collection of gear representing popular national soccer (I’m sorry, football) teams. There are also items related to UK golf courses and to various beers and ales–usually Guinness, but sometimes others as well. Sometimes the UK shops carry a selection fine woolen capes.


In addition to Guinness tees, you’ll find barware and other items related to the iconic brew.

Tea and Tea-Related Items

As is fitting and proper, Epcot’s UK includes a tea shop which sells a variety of Twinings teas, plus a small selection of teapots, mugs, tea towels, and other cozy items. The teas offered typically include blends that are designed for use in iced tea, which is perfect for sunny Florida, but I’m not sure is quite right for the United Kingdom.

Music and Pop Culture Items

One of my favorite parts of shopping in Epcot’s UK is the British pop culture merchandise. Think tees from classic British Invasion bands, merch related to iconic British TV shows like Dr. Who or Sherlock, and books, toys, and tees related to children’s literature written by British authors. Some of the children’s items are related to Disney-owned/licensed intellectual property, such as Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, and Mary Poppins. But not all the merchandise has a Disney twist.


Real British candy and biscuits (aka cookies) are the order of the day here. This is always a popular draw for folks who’ve done a junior year abroad in England and want throwback taste of their time there.

Heraldry and Weapons

If you want to pretend that Game of Thrones is a Disney property (can you imagine!), then you should check out the collection of heraldry and weapons related items at the UK pavilion. There are replica swords and figurines of knights and dragons. There’s also an area where you can look up your family crest (real or imagined) and buy that imagery on a wall hanging or other item. If you’re buying swords and flying home, you’ll want to have a nice long look at your airline’s rules about transporting these items.

Soaps and Perfumes

The packaging on these British soap and perfume brands is lovely. This is a great place to pick up hostess gifts.

Do you have a favorite item you’ve purchased in Epcot’s UK? Do you have a stash of Epcot tea? Let us know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Shopping in the Epcot Countries – Get to Know the United Kingdom

  • Recently atEpcot a friend loved a perfume there called catastrophe big botlle and a small single vial was 42$ Thanks for your time Can I purchase this online? And how do I find the stores website? Thanks for your time

  • Hi! I was recently in Epcot and purchased a Coat of Arms and family name and sadly did not get the beautiful frame with it. I’d likevto purchase the frame solo if possible so that I can display it.

  • I am looking for the Royal Hyacinth Luxury Room Fragrance. I bought it at Epcot several years ago and would like more. Is it still available?

  • Can’t believe that in Disney’s EPCOT that I can get a Doctor Who shirt and some Bassett’s Jellybabies!

    • I have a great memory from not long after my daughter, then a young teen, first started watching Dr. Who. We were at Epcot and saw a Dr. Who shirt in the UK pavilion. You could almost see the fandom lightbulb go off in her head, like she understood there were other people like her. (Of course we bought the shirt.)

  • I have a beautiful tea cup from Queen Elizabeth’s golden jubilee.


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