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Shopping in the Epcot Countries – Get to Know Norway

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Epcot’s World Showcase countries are a magical entree into the world at large. Even if you can’t get to China or France or Morocco, you can gain some insight into the culture of those places through the attractions, architecture, and food represented in the Epcot pavilions. But let’s face it, one of the key enticements of the World Showcase pavilions is the shopping. Even if you’ll never get to London, you can get souvenirs from the United Kingdom without ever leaving Florida.

We’re going on a tour of the shopping opportunities in Epcot’s World Showcase countries, and this week we’re visiting Norway. Bear in mind that the merchandise mix in the parks is constantly changing. While all the photos in these posts were taken in the first half of 2019, it’s quite possible that some of these specific items will be gone by the time you visit. They will, however, give you the flavor of what you can expect to find as you shop around the World Showcase.

No visit to the shops of Epcot’s Norway is complete without a photo of the giant troll.


One of hallmark brands featured at the Norway pavilion is Helly Hansen. Helly Hansen is a Norwegian (naturally) retailer of gear for outdoor activities such as sailing and skiing. Think cold-weather outwear, footwear, and accessories such as backpacks, wet suits, and water bottles. At Epcot, you’ll typically find a selection of several dozen ski jackets and fleece overshirts for men, women, and children, as well as a smaller selection of boots and sturdy shoes. You are, of course, thinking, “It’s eight hundred and seventy-five billion degrees at Walt Disney World. Um, why would I need a ski jacket?” The truth is, unless you’re visiting Orlando on the coldest of cold days in January, you probably won’t need these items during your vacation. But they are high-quality items that will withstand years of wear at home (Maine, Minnesota, or wherever else you can channel your inner Scandinavian), and sometimes they have sales.

Disney Character Tie-ins

The film Frozen takes place in Arendelle, not Norway, but you’d never think that when visiting the Norway pavilion. The Frozen ride is there, as well as substantial selection of Frozen tie-in merchandise.


All the World Showcase pavilions offer a selection of packaged foods representing their home countries. Norway is no exception, but they have fewer offerings than most of the other countries.


The shops in Norway have a very specific smell, and that smell is Laila, the “essence of Norway,” from Geir Ness. I visited the actual countries of Norway via Disney Cruise Line and did indeed see Laila sold in shops there, as well as on our vessel, the Disney Magic. (But if you love it and run out, you can also buy it on Amazon.) The pavilion also sells some of the Geir Ness products for men.

Viking Gear and Trolls

This is the closest thing you’ll get to Game of Thrones cosplay at Disney.

Items That Happen to Say “Norway” or “Epcot”

Because, why not …


The Norway pavilion is not one of my personal favorite shopping spots, but it does serve some very specific needs. If you’re looking for quality cold-weather gear or if you need to see the full spectrum of Frozen merchandise, this is the place to go.

Is Norway on your list for “must do” shopping? Do you have a favorite item purchased there? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • @Roxanne There might be several ways to purchase an Epcot item after the fact. 1) If the item is somehow Disney-branded it might be available via 2) The item might be available through a reseller on a site such as eBay or Etsy 3) If the item is non-Disney but branded (such as the many Helly Hansen items offered at the Norway pavilion) you could check the website for that brand 4) If you have a friend or relative that will be visiting WDW, you could ask them to purchase the item on your behalf or 5) There a number of services that will shop the WDW store for you – Google “Disney Personal Shopper” to find them. Good luck!

  • Loved this shop. I would like to make an additional purchase. Is there a way to do that?

  • I wished I purchased one of the norway stainless coffee travel mug ..the white on the bottom and Scandinavian print on the top with black plastic your last picture…is there any place knee to purchase?

  • I visited the actual countries of Norway via Disney Cruise Line

    Norway is one country. Not multiple countries.


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