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Each year, Disney has a new “celebration,” as I like to call them. For 2013, the celebration that we have seen in action has been Limited Time Magic. Now, we have a small glimpse into what next year’s is going to be.

Show Your Disney Side invites guests to show off the side of them that really lets them let loose and play. It taps into that happy glow you feel whenever you see and experience something relating to Disney.

This new celebrations invites guests to show off the side of them that comes out the minute you step through the gates where you get all giddy, start acting like a kid again, and you simply delight in the joy of the parks. Disney wants you to bring out the fun in your family!

To get a better glimpse into what “Show Your Disney Side” is, here is a first look at what it means:

During this celebration, guests will be invited to show their Disney Sides to the world by using the hashtag #DisneySide while sharing the excitement they have during their Disney vacations. This hashtag will work in a variety of social media channels, including Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook.

For more information about the celebration, find it out here: Also, stay tuned to the blog here as more details get released.

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