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Soarin at Epcot to See Lengthy Refurbishment

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©Rikki Niblett
©Rikki Niblett

The rumors had been floating around for a while, and Disney has confirmed it.

Soarin’ at Epcot will be closed for a very lengthy refurbishment for the first half of 2016. The refurbishment of the popular attraction found in The Land Pavilion will be closed starting on January 4, 2016, and will reopen sometime during the summer of 2016. No official reopening date has been announced, nor do we know the exact extent of the work that is to be completed.

Currently, a third theater is under construction. This refurbishment is connected to that work. It is also unclear whether Soarin’ Around The World will be ready to debut when the refurbishment work is completed. However, one would expect that it would debut at or around that reopening time. I will keep you posted as more information gets released about this refurbishment.

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7 thoughts on “Soarin at Epcot to See Lengthy Refurbishment

  • It will be interesting to hear the new soundtrack. The music is one of my favorite things about this ride. The ambient queue music is amazing as well. I’ve had fast pass when previously riding this but I could defnitely handle standing in line for an hour listening to that beautiful music. I wonder if it will be completely different music when it reopens or if they will incorporate themes from the original score.

  • Have been on Soarin a bunch of times, don’t know how people without fastpass wait that long for something that ends over Disneyland when it’s clearly christmas time.

  • From what I’ve read elsewhere the new Soarin’ over the World film is meant to premiere exclusively at Shanghai. So it could be some time until it comes to the US parks.

    • As the other post indicated…Disney did announce that Soarin’ Around the World is coming to the U.S. parks next year. I’m just not positive when it will officially debut. Not sure if it will debut when Soarin’ reopens from this refurb (which is most likely) or whether it will reopen from its refurbishment and then debut the new film at a later date next year.

      • Well if Shanghai opens in 2016 as planned then they could hopefully have the new film in the US parks too.

      • I would expect Soarin’ to reopen with the new film. From a technical standpoint, the new film will likely require digital projection, new ride vehicle movement synchronization, maybe even an upgrade/replacement of the audio system. If you’re going to need to do all those things to launch the new film, it just makes sense that it would be during the announced closure. Why close for six months, only to reopen with a twenty-year-old film – then launch the new film shortly thereafter?

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