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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Video (With and Without Spoilers) and Tips

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Without a doubt, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is getting incredible reviews. Because of Disney’s current “boarding pass” system, we have received questions on how exactly you would include Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in a touring plan. Currently, this is what we suggest:

1. Create a touring plan that does not include Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance for your Studios day.

2. Arrive at the park before the park opens and join a boarding group (available through the My Disney Experience app) immediately. (Note: You likely will need to “tap in” at the park before that option is available, however certainly try even before you enter the park just in case. The lower your boarding group number, the sooner you will get to ride.)

3. Follow your touring plan until your boarding group number is called.

4. Pause your touring plan, and once you’ve exited Rise of the Resistance, re-optimize your touring plan.

Curious about Rise of the Resistance? Brian has put together a video with and without spoilers so that you can learn about this ride before you ride it. (Want the non-spoiler version? Just close the video when Brian lets you know that the spoiler-filled ride-through video is about to start.)




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7 thoughts on “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Video (With and Without Spoilers) and Tips

  • This is tempting. I can’t do thrill rides; Dinosaur! nearly killed me; I’ve debated getting tranked enough to try Splash Mountain but always back out; the drops in Frozen are about what I can comfortably tolerate. But this looks very tempting…

  • @ConsumerRep: “tapping in” in the guide above is a reference to entering DHS (i.e. tapping your magicband on the entrance touch point). Once your entire party has entered the park, open the Galaxy’s Edge page of the WDW app (it’s front and center, can’t miss it), tap “Join Boarding Group,” and follow the prompts to join the virtual queue. You are assigned a group number immediately.

    The only thing you can do before entering DHS is to make sure that you have your whole party connected in the app; if you’re able to book fastpass+ for everyone in your group, you’ll be able to put everyone in the virtual queue.

  • Help me understand. I first “tap in” to create a boarding group, PRIOR to arriving. After passing the park entry touch points I then add my party to the boarding group. At which point we will be given a boarding group number?

  • @TwoBits: the ride is running at full capacity WHEN IT RUNS, but it suffers from very frequent breakdowns right now, so that’s a factor in how large they let the virtual queue get.

    The virtual queue is also filling up very quickly because this is a brand new e-ticket that they’ve been hyping for YEARS, and everyone wants to ride it.

  • Do we know if the ride is operating at full capacity yet? Are boarding groups for the days being cut off so early because it is running at reduced capacity!

  • You do have to “tap in” in order to join a boarding group. I tested it at 6:30 am this morning, December 6, 2019. (You’re welcome! )

    Prior to going through the park entry touch points, you cannot add the person to the group. We split up and went through separately to test it. As soon as you enter via the touch point, you can be added to the boarding group. The things we do for science.

  • To be clear for anyone reading this: for the foreseeable future, expect all RotR boarding groups to fill up within an hour of park opening. This is basically like if Radiator springs Racers had opened as fastpass-only – the virtual queue is the only way to get on the ride, and it will be full for the day before most people finish their coffee.

    If you want to ride RotR *AT ALL* it is imperative to have your entire party at DHS at park opening. Once you get into a boarding group, you’re free to stay in DHS, or head to Epcot, or whatever. Just keep an eye on the app.

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