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Starbucks Locations Announced for Both Magic Kingdom and Epcot

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It was announced back in April that Starbucks was coming to Walt Disney World. Many have waited (impatiently) to find out when they’ll be able to actually get some decent coffee in the parks. Well, today we wait no longer: Disney announced not only when the Starbucks will open, but also where.

The Siren will be making its debut at the Magic Kingdom in the Main Street Bakery. The shop will close in January 2013 and will open once again in early Summer 2013. Over at Epcot, Starbucks will be opening up inside the Fountain View, which is slated to close in March 2013 and reopen near the middle of Summer 2013.

The locations are expected to serve all the general items that Starbucks usually serves.

Additional locations are expected to be announced for both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom soon.


Edit:  Disney has clarified a few things on their blog about this new Starbucks, quelling any fears that people may have been feeling.  The Main Street Bakery will indeed keep it’s name and it’s theming when it reopens from it’s refurbishment.  It will also still serve Disney favorite items, in addition the the Starbucks branded items.  While the refurb is taking place, guests will be able to get cinnamon rolls from Gaston’s Bakery and Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches from The Plaza.

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12 thoughts on “Starbucks Locations Announced for Both Magic Kingdom and Epcot

  • To those who worry about it being a takeover of the Main Street Bakery, I have to guess that the new Main Street Bakery will remain with the same type theme, however, they will just sell Starbucks products. I have visited the version in DCA and if you didn’t know they served Starbucks there, you would never have known. (Until you saw that on the menu, they had Frappuccinos and such.) Also, I do believe that the Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe did still serve “regular” food. Not strictly Starbucks. I have a feeling that it may be very similar to that version, at least at the Main Street Bakery.

    • As much as I hope you are right, I have to wonder why it will have to be closed 6 months, if that is the case.

      • Well…I do actually have a little inside knowledge of how Starbucks runs and I know that when stores get just a remodel, it takes them a while to get the store refurbished. Having to run new equipment in and the like, like will need to be done at the Bakery, I’m sure takes a while longer. Add that to the sprucing up that they will inevitably do to the Bakery, and I can see where it would take about 6 months to complete.

  • SO much new square footage in the Magic Kingdom, and the only place they could find to fit a Starbucks was a place we’ve all been going to since we were kids?! SHENANIGANS!!!

  • While I would welcome Starbuck’s brand coffee being available, I certainly don’t want Main Street Bakery replaced with a Starbuck’s Store. What’s next? McDonald’s? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, please say it isn’t so!! But if they were just deciding to offer decent coffee, why would it take six months? This is so wrong!

  • I like coffee, and I’m visiting the World for 19 days next September, I don’t know if I could survive on Disney ‘coffee’ for this time! However I don’t want any part of the theme parks to become a Starbucks; sell their coffee, sure, maybe some little other bits. But if I walk in and it’s just like any Starbucks anywhere… I think that would be sad.

  • Starbucks is so over rated. I really hope they don’t get rid of the great Main Street bakery goods that I love to taste each time. And I hope they don’t destroy the ambience of the bakery. If is just Starbucks, I’ll just keep walking by

  • I really hope the Disney Parks Blog post was just vaguely worded and the Main Street Bakery isn’t being *replaced* by a Starbucks. Lordy.

  • Although I really hope that Craig’s pastries are safe, as a coffee addict, I can only say how grateful I am that Starbuck’s will be at WDW. I’m thrilled! 🙂

  • Slightly worried that all the great pastrya from the Main Street bakery will go and be replaced with the Starbucks rubbish. Also why does it take six months????

    Please tell us my apple turnover and cookie ice cream sandwich is safe?????!!!!!!

    • I do know you can get the ice cream cookie sandwich at Sleepy Hollow!

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