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StormStruck and Sum of All Thrills Leaving Innoventions

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Big changes have been happening at Epcot’s Innoventions lately with many attractions closing. Now, two more attractions are closing in Innoventions East – The Sum of All Thrills and StormStruck. The two attractions will be closed as of September 14 due to their sponsorship agreements ending.

The Sum of All Thrills which was sponsored by Raytheon was a simulator that allowed guests to utilize math skills to create a thrill ride. Guests would then be able to put their creation to the test courtesy of a Kuka arm.

Storm Struck, which was presented by FLASH, educates Guests on how to prevent storm damage around the home.

With these two closures, this means that the only attraction remaining open in Innoventions East will be the relatively new Colortopia by Glidden, which opened in November of last year.

Disney has said that plans for Innoventions are going to be shared at a later date.


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18 thoughts on “StormStruck and Sum of All Thrills Leaving Innoventions

  • This is such a shame! I’ve never experienced this and now I never will! Last time I was in the World the kids were too young and I didn’t want to split up from them just to do this by myself. We now have plans to go NEXT summer and the kids are old enough, but it will be gone!

    Why do they need a sponsor anyway? The attraction is already there. And we’re definitely paying enough in admission to keep the attractions operating…

  • Yet again, WDW closes great attractions at Epcot because they cannot get someone else to pay for them…

  • Is it just me or does it seem there are more closures than ever and hardly any new stuff opening (besides food places at Disney Springs)? We arrive in December for 16 days and everyday I read yet another ride/parade/event is finishing before we arrive. So glad we’ve spent thousands on this holiday, NOT

  • Innoventions, brought to you by Ted Knight

  • Disney’s late summer campaign seems to be “Come see it before we take it away”

  • I love the whole idea of Innoventions and hope they do something truly amazing with it while keeping the same overall theme. I do wish they would update Universe of Energy, again keeping the same idea going.

  • We’ve loved most all of the attractions in Innoventions since we’ve been going to WDW. Even while we’re sad they’re ending we know they’ll bring in something just as exciting and engaging. Since our son is now a young adult he’s less inclined to go to Epcot with all of the closures.

  • Such a bummer. My daughters loved it. It was an amazing way to get my kids interested in physics. So sad! Hope they replace it with something educational and exciting.

  • I think I just broke my 10-year old’s heart. He LOVED Sum of All Thrills and was looking forward to doing it again on our next trip.

  • Well, this sucks. We’ll miss by 2 weeks…and my kids were really looking forward to these! I can only hope that the next D23 will include a HUGE announcement that EPCOT Futureworld is getting a massive DHS-style cash and Imagineering infusion of exciting newness. Because this? Depressing. Ellen’s Outdated Energy Adventure? Figment’s Annoying Journey into Imagination? That nonsensical Lion King movie at the Land?

    EPCOT used to be my favorite park, and Futureworld was just cool. So sad. (Hums “Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit” quietly to self…)

    • Still mourning that one myself!

  • This is really unfortunate when it seem unlikely that anything will be done with that space for a long time. It was just a few years ago that my kids were super excited about Innoventions. I am sad to see what it has become. Sum of All Thrills was one of the best attractions in the park, and one of the most unique at any Disney park.

  • They’d better scramble and add some more character meets or something, until they figure out a more permanent use for the space, or it’s going to be a big depressing void right in the middle of Future World.

    With a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction apparently/maybe/probably replacing Universe of Energy, Disney seems to have plans for Future World that are more branded and less (allegedly) educational. I don’t have a problem with that at all, and it should mean they’ll have an abundance of options for ways to fill the Innoventions space.

    • There’s been no announcements about Universe of Energy. Spreading WDW rumours is a sure way of getting a bunch of people upset.

      Wait until official announcements are made. Until then, enjoy what’s at WDW at the time you visit.

      • Nah

  • Sad, I really enjoyed some of all thrills. Did they set a closing date or are they already shut down?

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