Storybook Circus Soft Opens

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This morning Storybook Circus at the Magic Kingdom soft-opened to the public. We don’t know the extent of what is/isn’t open at the moment, but we’ll keep you updated. Remember, with a soft opening anything can be closed or unavailable at any time.

Storybook Circus is part of an expansion overhaul at the Magic Kingdom to build “New Fantasyland.” Storybook Circus includes two Dumbo the Flying Elephant spinners, the re-themed Barnstormer junior roller coaster, and a redesigned Fantasyland train station. Other parts of this area which we know aren’t complete yet include a Casey Jr. Circus Train water play area, a large shop, and a character meet/greet.

Again, the entire area or sections thereof may close at any time. The official opening is currently scheduled for March 31, 2012.

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R. A. Pedersen

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6 thoughts on “Storybook Circus Soft Opens

  • I didn’t realize that only one side of Dumbo was going to open. Is the second set on schedule for the “official” opening or is that further down the line?

    • I’m no ride construction expert but the other side of Dumbo did not look aywhere close to being ready. It looked like it was still in the early construction phase, who knows.

  • Any idea when you’ll re-add them to Lines, so that we can at least submit posted/actual times, even if you don’t have algorithmic estimates ready yet?

    • It appears that its on the app now! Barnstormer has a 19 minute wait and Dumbo like 23 minutes!

  • are there any pictures available yet??

    • check out


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