Thank You For Making Our Leap Day Events Great!

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One More Disney Day at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was certainly a day to remember. Mostly because of all of the wonderful people we got to meet during those wild 24 hours. hosted two events in the wee hours, both of which made a great day even better.

These looked really, really good.
(Photo courtesy Billy Hirsch)

Midnight Snack Meet

For a meet that occurred at midnight, we were all flabbergasted by the turnout as we completely took over the upper level of the Tomorrowland Terrace. Organized by our lovely Scarlett Litton, this meet featured sweets from BabyCakes NYC in Downtown Disney. I’m not sure exactly how many people came to mingle, relax, or just hang out, but my rough count was somewhere between 75 and 4,382 people. I know for a fact that we had 200 different pieces of delectable goodies, and I still didn’t get one (apparently I was “working” and had to let the “guests” eat first…darn etiquette).

It was a wonderful get together so we could all meet face to face and discuss our mutual favorite thing. Thank you to everyone who came. We would love to see you again!

Scarlett and Len saying "THANK YOU!"
(Photo courtesy Billy Hirsch)

The Great All-Nighter

Believe it or not, the night got even more interesting (if possible) following our midnight meet. We arranged a game in which several teams (11, as it ended up) made their ways through the Magic Kingdom completing tasks, riding rides, and generally doing awesome stuff. It was a little bit scavenger hunt and a little bit Amazing Race and a lot of fun.

By request I have posted the tasks for all six stages below so you can see exactly what our teams went through. Sure, making them criss cross the park a few times at 1am was a little bit mean, but it was all for a good time. It was great to be able to help make One More Disney Day a little bit more special, and it certainly gave all of us some laughs.

Ladies and Gentlemen...Your Winners.

In the end there had to be a winner, and the winner of the Great All-Nighter was a team composed of Lines Chat users: Rae Augenstein, Keith Champoux, Naomi Imanishi, Jacqueline Maisto, Susan McCabe, Nicole Russ, Susan Weaver, and Stephanie Yeager. Congratulations!

There was also a special grand prize that was drawn randomly. Kendra Hayde was the winner of a three night stay in a Value Resort! Congratulations, Kendra!

(By the way, does anyone at all get the reference from the movie Midnight Madness? The competition was called “The Great All-Nighter.” No…okay.)


The Great All-Nighter Tasks (while all teams completed these same six tasks, they each were given the tasks in a different order):

Stage 1:

The rush of speed…the thrill of the race…the sheer power. None of that is what you will experience:

Take a lap on the Tomorrowland Speedway with your team.

Stage 2:

Remember how inventive that Swiss Family Robinson was? You should find out:

Go through the entirety of the Swiss Family Treehouse…yes start to finish, up and down the steps.

Stage 3:

Are you a deadeye or dead wood? Let’s find out:

Go to the Frontierland Shooting Gallery and locate a Touring Plans representative.  They will point out a specific set of targets that one member of your team must hit.

Stage 4:

How about some Adventure…land (with some Frontierland and Liberty Square for fun)? Complete the following (you may complete the tasks in any order you see fit):

  • In the opening (skeleton riddled) scene of Pirates of the Caribbean, how many shovels do you see?
  • How many candles does Madame Leota use for her séance in The Haunted Mansion?
  • Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle Boats is a fantastic little distraction in Adventureland.  How many driving stations are there?
  • What shop can you find sandwiched between part of Pecos Bill’s and Town Hall?

PHOTO: Take a picture of one of your team in the stockade in Liberty Square with the rest of the team pointing and laughing at them. (The picture taker does not need to be in the picture)

Stage 5:

This is where it all begins…because it’s the only entrance to the park.  Head to Main Street, U.S.A. to complete the following (finish the tasks in whatever order you see fit):

  • Solve this equation: (Founding Year of the Main Street Chamber of Commerce) minus (Founding Year of Elias Disney Construction on Center Street) plus (Address of the Barber Shop) = ?
  • According to a Main Street poster, when is the Horse Auction?
  • Obtain a park map in a language other than English. Obtain a character sticker. Stick the sticker on the map.

PHOTO: Take a picture of your entire team beside the “Burlesque Bouncer” mutoscope in the Main Street Railroad Station. (The picture taker does not need to be in the picture)

Stage 6:

A land where children’s dreams come true…Fantasyland. Now your dreams will come true by answering the following questions (answer in whatever order you see fit):

  • In the island room of it’s a small world there is a pole with three koala bears climbing it. What colors are the bears?
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh characters have a party in the final scene.  What kind of honey is waiting on the chair for Pooh?
  • There is a series of mosaics in the breezeway of Cinderella Castle. One panel depicts Cinderella hurrying away from the ball. What scene is depicted directly to its left?

PHOTO: Take a picture of your entire team attempting to pull the sword from the stone. (The picture taker does not need to be in the picture.)


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5 thoughts on “Thank You For Making Our Leap Day Events Great!

  • It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of the winning team! Thanks to Len and Scarlett and Brian and the rest of the TouringPlans staff for hosting a great meet and a fun event. Our winning team picture was taken very very close to 4am. Without the scavenger hunt, we wouldn’t have been so perky at that hour.

  • See you in 2016! Ready to throwdown!

  • Thanks again Brian for organizing such a fun-filled event! It must have taken a lot of arm-twisting to get all those Touring Plans staff members to be willing to wait at each station as we rushed up to them, throwing random bits of paper and digital cameras as proof, but it all went smoothly. This was definitely a major highlight from the Disney24 event for me (and not just because I was on the awesome winning team — Go Lines!) Looking forward to the next one you plan 😉

  • I was listening to the Inside the Magic podcast, and he had audio from his meet-up at the Haunted Mansion, and we heard some Touring Plans people cut in the line doing The Great All-Nighter! (They said they were from Touring Plans, and that made me laugh.) I get a kick out of Disney fan group crossovers – especially the unexpected ones like that. Sounded like fun!

  • I had a wonderful time. It was great seeing Scarlett again and meeting Brian. As always, it was great seeing Liner Susan Weaver (Weasus) and meeting the rest of that winning group! I have chatted with them on Lines and it was great to see them all in person. Unfortunately, my DS was worn out and under the weather. I want to give a great big thank you to Len for allowing us to take a brief rest at the CR. I cannot say enough about the staff and users of Touring Plans/Lines. This is a wonderful group of people which I am proud to be a part of. Thank you guys for being a part of my wonderful and unforgettable Leap Day!!!!!!!!


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