Walt Disney World (FL)

Sweet Shots and a Sweet Drink at Magic Kingdom

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Some days, everything just comes together. That’s what happened for our field research team this weekend, as they enjoyed some sweet views from around Magic Kingdom that they wanted to share. In addition, they found a delicious drink perfect for a Valentine’s Day sweet tooth. First up, enjoy these photos — do you have a favorite?


Next up, the seasonal Valentine’s-themed drink from Joffrey’s is simply amazing.

The Fairytale Love Latte has caramel, coconut, and chocolate flavors and is decadent. (As someone in the throes of Girl Scout cookie season, nothing like a Caramel Delites/Samoas-inspired coffee drink to start or end the day!) It’s served hot or iced, but I prefer those flavors in an iced drink.

What are your favorite sweet things to do at Magic Kingdom?

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