Test Track Now Closed Through Fall 2012 at Epcot

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If you’ve checked out our WDW Refurbishment Schedule recently, you may have noticed Test Track on the list of closed attractions. About a week ago, Test Track closed its doors for a lengthy refurbishment that is currently projected to last until November 30, 2012 (remember, opening dates are subject to change!). As we originally posted, when it reopens this fall the attraction will officially be sponsored by the “Chevrolet” division of General Motors. This refurbishment came about because General Motors renewed its sponsorship of the Test Track pavilion. While Disney and Chevrolet haven’t released detailed information, they did provide a quick overview, along with a new piece of concept art:

As part of the re-imagining, the Future World attraction will feature a sleek new “Chevrolet Design Center at Epcot” immersing Guests in the fascinating world of automotive design. Amid upbeat music, engaging media, dramatic lighting and a collection of Chevrolet concept cars and model vehicles, guests themselves will become automotive designers – and peer into the future of personal transportation in the process.

At interactive design and styling workstations, Guests will be able to create their own custom concept vehicles. The adventure will then shift into high gear as Guests buckle into their 6-person “SimCar” ride vehicle and put their design through its paces on the exhilarating hills, switchbacks and straight-aways of the Test Track circuit.

Their performance testing complete, Guests will move into a post-show area filled with special effects and be scored on how well their custom concept vehicle did. And of course, Guests will be able see the very latest Chevrolet vehicles in an all-new state-of-the-art showroom.

Concept Art ©Disney

Performing daily just outside of the construction walls are the Test Track All Stars, an a cappella group performing travel and car related songs. The story is that each performer is part of the new Test Track project. Each person represents a major role from Chevrolet, such as IT Tech, Quality Control Engineer, Paint Color Specialist, etc. The group finishes off its performance with the 1950s song, “See The USA In Your Chevrolet.” You can catch the Test Track All Stars daily at 9:30am, 10:45am, 12 noon, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:15pm, and 5:00pm (weather permitting).

Are you looking forward to the refreshed Test Track this fall? I’ll definitely be there right when it reopens!

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13 thoughts on “Test Track Now Closed Through Fall 2012 at Epcot

  • I was wondering why it was closed. We will be at WDW first two weeks in Dec 12 hope it’s open by then.

  • I’m concerned too. With the dearth of rides, this means a significant change to the lines at the other attractions. It isn’t as easy as just deleting TT from the touring plan. The touring plans would have to completely readjusted for the different waiting times.

  • Our family will be going this summer while Test Track is closed. How will this affect the touring plans? With Mission Space not being everyones cup of tea, is there one giant crowd racing to Soarin?

  • Wish they would demolish that god awful attraction…SNORE

  • Will the ride still be basically the same and the after ride gubbins be what’s described above or is the ride getting completely gutted?

  • They realized that it was built on an ancient Indian burial grounds.

  • Sounds too much like Sum of All Thrills to me.
    I hope the sponsors don’t ruin the attraction.

    • I agree that it does sound a lot like Sum of All Thrills! Wasn’t it originally supposed to open at the end of September?

      • The Walt Disney World website did not originally publish the correct dates, but has since been updated.

  • What’s really happening is that they found a sink hole under the structure…

  • I am going to have a BIG problem with my kids if Test Track isn’t open for our end of November trip!!! It is the reason why they spend 3-4 of our vacation days at Epcot. I can only hope that it will open up a little earlier than expected.

    Either way, I am sure that the changes will be awesome. It might even be worth changing our trip dates to December. I guess we will see!

    • Change to December, go to reunion events =)

    • Although Disney has shared the November 30, 2012, date on its website calendar, don’t put too much faith in it. Often refurbishments with end-of-month end dates are placeholders, and the actual re-opening date could be earlier or later. As Travis wrote, it’s subject to change. Keep your eyes on this blog for news as it is released.


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