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The Best Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom

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If you’re planning a visit to Walt Disney World, you’ll want to have some room in your budget for shopping. After countless hours in the parks, we want to help you save time and save money at Disney. In that spirit we thought it would good to show you the best souvenirs at Magic Kingdom.

It’s true that each Walt Disney World theme park carries some of the same merchandise. Many of this Walt Disney World merchandise has the resort’s logo on it and Mickey and friends. But when you drill down to each park you’ll find some special merchandise that is specific each park.

Attraction-Based Merchandise

At Magic Kingdom we think the best merchandise and gifts have to do with specific attractions. Near The Haunted Mansion you’ll find Memento Mori. Here you can browse wall to wall creepy Haunted Mansion merchandise like coffee mugs, clothing, art pieces, and other unique items.

Haunted Mansion Souvenirs and Merchandise
Haunted Mansion Souvenirs and Merchandise
Memento Mori Haunted Mansion Gift Shop

No other attraction has a dedicated themed shop the way Haunted mansion does, but you can find other attraction based merchandise around Magic Kingdom at some of the big attractions like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Jungle Cruise.

Personalized Ornaments

No other Walt Disney World theme park but Magic Kingdom offers personalized ornaments. This wasn’t always the case, but currently Magic Kingdom is the only of the Disney theme parks to have personalization service for ornaments. You can find the ornament personalization at Magic Kingdom’s Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. Personalization costs $3.00 per name and artwork item, plus the cost of the ornament, and there are a variety of personalization styles from which you can choose.

Personalized Ornament from Magic Kingdom

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears and Hats

It’s true you can find mouse ear headbands at every Walt Disney World theme park and at Disney Springs. But there’s something magical about browsing the vast selection of mouse ears at Main Street Emporium.

Mouse Ears at Magic Kingdom

Or, if you really want the ultimate Magic Kingdom souvenir then head across Main Street to the Confectionary, and then into The Chapeau. This tiny little hat shop no longer has its own exterior entrance and exit. But, you can get Mickey mouse ear hats embroidered and personalized at The Chapeau, by heading through the Confectionary. For some families it is tradition to get classic Mickey Mouse ear hats for each member of the family with each person’s name on each hat.

What’s your favorite souvenir from Magic Kingdom? What would you add to our list?


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