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The Great Debate… Matching T-Shirts

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Some might think the debate about Dole Whip vs Mickey bar is the biggest debate for a family going to Disney. I offer for your consideration… the matching t-shirt. Many families wear them with pride, even the grumpy one that thinks it’s ridiculous!

People watching and checking out all of the fabulous t-shirts is truly one of the things I enjoy the most about a day at Disney. I believe there are three categories of matching t-shirts.

The Family Vacation 2021 Shirt

We’ve all seen these shirts. It proudly says who the family is, where they are vacationing, and the year. There are often so many people in this group that you see sections of them all day long at the park. I appreciate the enthusiasm and your pictures look great!

The Best Day Ever Shirts

This category is where the disgruntled member of the group most obvious, they are choosing to wear a “most expensive day ever” option. I’m guessing they also didn’t like spending money on a matching shirt.

Crafty Shirts

This category is my favorite! There are so many options available. Truly crafty people can make Pinterest-worthy creations and everyone looks super cute in the shirts. The not-so-crafty can purchase from Etsy and look just like the crafty people. I love the creativity and the huge variety of inspiration for these shirts.

Bonus Category: Group Outfits!

In this category, I would think the enthusiasm is 100%. I can’t imagine a family member that didn’t want to wear a matching shirt agreeing to this level of dedication.

Debate Hints

Okay, so now the question is, how do we convince everyone to wear them. Here are some winning thoughts.

  1. When you discuss it have their favorite beverage or snack ready to distract them.
  2. With a large group, it’s easier for the cast member to see where your group of 15 ends. (My dad noticed this and now he’s a believer. However, he’s also career military, so he does appreciate a uniform.)
  3. It’s really not any different than wearing your favorite team jersey, is it?
  4. Making shirts is a fun family activity to get everyone involved in the vacation.
  5. If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

I hope this inspires you to create (or purchase) some fabulous shirts for my enjoyment (and yours)! Please share with us your favorites.


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Amy Schinner

Amy Schinner is a lifelong fan of Disney, a mom, and an advocate for people with special needs. She loves spinning in teacups, screaming down Mt. Everest, and exploring it with her family. Her joy is helping families vacation and create memories together because everyone deserves some pixie dust!

7 thoughts on “The Great Debate… Matching T-Shirts

  • Nice Blog!
    Thanks for sharing
    have you checkout our new collection for couples

  • I like individualism or “team shirts” like when we go to Epcot my daughter will probably wear an elsa dress/outfit, my son an olaf shirt and me and my sister a “I am her elsa” “I am her anna shirts”. The only real matching I can see is on one of our MK days, both my daughter and I are planning on wearing matching Minnie dresses. But not set in stone.

  • We do one matching shirt each trip. Designed locally and always a hit!

  • We wore them as a large group (11) and had cast members thank us for doing that. It made it much easier for them to know when our group started and ended in the lines.

  • I wish I would’ve done this when the kids were little. Now that they’re teenagers, I threaten them with family outfits, but they just roll their eyes at me. If I ever have grandchildren I’ll start the tradition!

  • We always wore matching shirts, when our kids were small. It was a great way for us all to keep track of one another in a crowd! Now that they’re older, we all wear our own thing.


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