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The Plaza Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom to Offer More Walk-Up Availability

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Guests will soon be able to have an easier time getting a walk-up at The Plaza Restaurant located on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom.

Starting on July 17, Advance Dining Reservations will only be offered for one hour, from 11:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. For those wishing to dine at any other time throughout the day, they will need to visit the restaurant’s podium to inquire if there is any availability for walk-ups. This will allow for more Guests without reservations to have more opportunities to enjoy dining at a table service location on the fly.

For those who have already pre-booked their reservations, those will continue to be honored, however new reservations not within that one hour window will not be able to be made.

The Plaza Restaurant is a casual table service dining establishment that specializes in sandwiches, soups, salads, and ice cream treats.

This news comes on the heels that Jungle Skipper Canteen, which previously was offering walk-ups and day of reservations only, has now been added to the regular 180- day Advance Dining Reservations system.


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8 thoughts on “The Plaza Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom to Offer More Walk-Up Availability

  • Instead of leaving one restaurant open for people unaware that they need an ADR they should publicize the need to do this a little more. Maybe an email or postcard a week before the 180th day stressing the importance of ADR’s (especially in the patks).

  • I hate this idea! Magic kingdom is huge. Walking all over the place to “see” if you can get a table is a huge waste of valuable time. The Plaza is pretty small, if people think they are just going to stroll up and get a table for lunch or dinner they are delusional! I’m thankful I have one last ADR here for October, I’m afraid this will be my last time in this once “hidden gem.” 🙁

  • My family loves The Plaza. The food, the atmosphere, the view of the castle. It’s crazy easy to get a reservation! It’s our go to restaurant for MK. This kind of stinks.

    I agree with the above comment. Seems like they’re going backward with this move. If you didn’t make a reservation that’s why they have Quick Service.

    We’ll have to find another place I guess.

  • I also think this is odd. We had made an ADR there for the first time for our recent Easter trip. We were not advised of any delay in seating when we checked in at the podium ahead of our ADR time. 30 mins later we ask and are told there’s still at least another 45 min wait before well be seated! No thank you! So maybe they’re limiting ADRS bc they don’t really use them to seat people anyway? Disappointing.

  • So this explains why I could not get a reservation last week for my trip in December.

  • I wonder if this is a preclude to changing the format of The Plaza? Maybe a remodel or a shift to a CS?

  • I agree!
    Why would they take away reservations? As one of the few places I can eat with my food allergies, this is super frustrating to know I can’t have a meal scheduled in advance.

  • Curious. That reminds me of a throw back to the days before ADR when everyone had to crowd around a podium trying to get a reservation and standing in a long line just to be told there were no openings. Kind of like going backwards. Would have been nice if they could have just limited the reservations more and left openings for walk-ups but also the chance to “get something on the books” if you knew you needed a set date/time. We frequent The Plaza.. not sure how I feel about this.

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