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There Are 77 Pressed Coins in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Hopefully you’re aware that there are 147 pressed coins in the Magic Kingdom. It was so much fun hunting down the pressed penny and quarter machines that I decided to do the same in the Animal Kingdom.

As a reminder, this was the status of the machines on the day I was in the park. Disney often moves or replaces machines and the My Disney Experience app doesn’t always reflect those changes in a timely manner. Let’s look at what the Animal Kingdom has to offer…

Russell, Dug, and Kevin seem an appropriate start to the day. This is the first machine at the Outpost Shop before you go through security.

The second machine at the Outpost Shop includes Claire de Room, Jane, and Simba (1 of 7). Unfortunately, this machine was out of order during my visit.

Next into the Rainforest Cafe..

All four machines inside the Rainforest Cafe are hand crank and Florida themed.

Once you enter the park, Island Mercantile is up next..

Festival of the Lion King, Kristoff & Sven, and Safari Tigger

Riverside Depot, directly across the walkway from Island Mercantile, has Disney Conservation Fund coins on offer.

Head toward the Tree of Life and you’ll see Discovery Trading Company on your right. This is an exterior machine featuring Randall (3 of 6 Monsters Inc.), Duffy, and John Smith (6 of 7 Princes).

Restaurantaosauraus is next with Tarzan & Jane (1 of 8), Dino Donald, and a fossil.

The My Disney Experience App shows a machine at Chester & Hester’s but I located the machine at the back of Merchandise of Extinction just across from Primeval Whirl.

2019 Tree of Life and Animal Kingdom dinosaurs.

Next, we cross the bridge over Discovery River to the merchandise exit to Expedition Everest…

Here we find a Yeti, Mickey & Yeti, and Beware of the Yeti

The machine at the Yak & Yeti Restaurant was down during my visit but it was worth a picture anyway.

Even though Rafiki’s Planet Watch is not yet re-opened, guests can still walk down the path to the Wildlife Express Train station to use the pressed quarter machine featuring 2019 Pluto, Simba & Nala, and Shere Khan.

There are four more machines in Africa..

The first of two machines at Duka La Filimu features safari Mickey, Donald, and Goofy

The second machine includes Tarzan & Jane (7 of 8), safari Pooh, and Rafiki (5 of 7)

Step inside Ziwani Traders for eight Lion King pressed pennies..

The final machine in Africa is behind a pole under the shelter at Dawa Bar.

True kings of the jungle are featured at the Dawa Bar – roaring lion, hippo, and warthog.

The final machine I located on my journey was in Pandora. It was located inside Windtraders, which is the merchandise shop at the exit to Avatar Flight of Passage.

This machine features, appropriately, Pandora themed pennies.


In all, there are 77 coins to be collected in the Animal Kingdom when all machines are in working order. It would cost $47.21 to purchase all of the coins on offer.


Have you collected pressed coins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Do you have some that aren’t featured here? Are you interested in seeing pictures of the pressed coin machines in Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “There Are 77 Pressed Coins in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Question about ones that give a set for $5 or $10 — do you supply your own pennies, or are those pre-loaded? Just curious. Thanks

  • On the machines where you get 8 for $5, do they only take cash? if so, can you use dollar bills? Or do they take credit cards too?

  • Wish pressed in picture frame I buy

    • What a good idea! And I bet it’s not too hard!

  • Please show more. Awesome post

    • Thanks for reading! More to come..

  • We are going to Disney World in October and I think this woud be a great activity for the kids.
    Do you know where we can get pennies and quaters? Is there a place where you can exchange money? We are from Germany and therefore don’t have a lot of US coins.

    • How cool! You can get coins from any cast member at any register inside the shops or at Guest Relations inside the parks. Your resort (on or off property) is sure to have change as well. Have a wonderful trip!

  • Pandora pennies! When we were there last year, there weren’t any. When we asked a cast member where to find one, her response was that, since the Na’vi didn’t believe in money, there weren’t any penny machines to be found. Of course, their disbelief didn’t stop ACE from selling banshees in the gift shop to travelers to take off-world…but happy now that there are penny machines there now.

    • That’s a pretty creative response by the CM, but I surely did find a machine so they must be converted! 🙂


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