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These Are the Soda Bottles TSA Is Looking For

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Last week, we published an article about TSA and DCL guidelines and restrictions regarding items from Galaxy’s Edge. Needless to say, we were as surprised as everyone else about how quickly this topic has… well, blown up. One item that was not listed on the TSA web site as prohibited outright was the empty soda bottles from Galaxy’s Edge. After receiving questions from readers with stories about challenges they had bringing the thermal detonator-shaped empty soda bottles with them through security checkpoints, or in some cases having the items removed from their checked baggage, I sent a note to the TSA and received a prompt reply.

Many readers wrote to say that they haven’t run into problems bringing the empty bottles on board, and noting that if you remove the cap, it looks like a round bottle akin to a holiday ornament.

Although the TSA web site has not been updated yet to outright mention these specialty bottles, the AskTSA social media sites have been busy answering a variety of questions about these items.


Have people been allowed to bring them on planes or carry them through checked luggage? Yes. Does the TSA have to allow people to pass? No. Whether fair or not, TSA has their rules and regulations in place, and it’s a good idea to know what you might run into when deciding if it is worth packing one of these items.

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7 thoughts on “These Are the Soda Bottles TSA Is Looking For

  • They are probably giving up as they need to knowing that these will likely be in every family’s bags.

  • Flew out of MCO last Thursday after attending AP preview. I had 2 empty Diet Coke “Thermal Detonators” and a light saber in my carry-on. TCA said nothing.

  • “If our officers … believe it’s real”
    Believe it’s a real what? A real thermal detonator? Those don’t exist in the real world.
    If their officers believe that souvenir Coke bottles from Disney are real explosives from the Star Wars universe, then that TSA has a real problem. Do they believe that passengers carrying light-sabers are real Jedi?
    It’s not a very convincing replica anyway. It’s just a round Coke bottle with a funny cap and some Star Wars writing on it. The first time I saw them, I thought they were supposed to be droids, like mini BB-8s or something.

    Believe it’s a real grenade or bomb of some sort? They don’t really look like bombs, and it’s pretty obvious that it is a bottle full of liquid. I can’t actually imagining them calling in the bomb squad to diffuse a Coke bottle. I really think they are just trying to cover their butts here.

    • 100 percent YES!!!! OMG I never comment on social media and I have posted like 5 times on this issue since yesterday with comments similar to yours.

  • We had one from Disney World’s Passholder Preview. We took the cap off and packed it in our checked luggage. We had no problems. I’m thinking we may have been lucky, however. Checked our droids as well. Next trip we are doing the light sabers as we are driving that trip. Purposefully skipped it last week as we had no clue how to get them on the airplane.

  • We travelled on Monday night to UK with two unopened Star Wars Diet Coke bottles in our checked luggage. Both bottles arrived safe and untouched.

  • What Disney needs is some kind of “hook” that will transform this into an ornament. Is the TSA going to tell us we can’t transport ornaments?

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