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Things You’ve Never Done at Walt Disney World

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One of the great things about the Disney community is the people you “meet” on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat (well, maybe not Snapchat, seriously could one of you send your teenager this way because we really want to get it, but don’t), there is a wealth of information, humor, strong opinions, and fluff to be learned about Walt Disney World online.

Last week, we asked “what at WDW would people be shocked to hear you’ve never done?”, and you answered the call.

What at WDW would people be shocked to hear you've never done?
What at WDW would people be shocked to hear you’ve never done?

Click to see what our followers and staff had to say:

Pineapple Lanai
Doesn’t this look lovely? Not to some of you. Photo – Savannah Sanders


  • Several of you have never eaten a turkey leg, but what about the people who have never had a Mickey Bar or a Dole Whip?
  • Victoria and Alberts showed up on several lists, which isn’t terribly surprising given the cost, but is a splurge we do think is worth it.
  • A few haven’t been to La Cava Del Tequila, but through the power of social media, it looks like that will change soon.
  • Friend of the site, @JodiWishMN, feels about Chef Mickey’s the way I (and several of you) feel about ‘Ohana

“…we’ve observed it, heard it, & opted to poke our eyes instead.”


  • Many of our followers avoid things like coasters, Mad Tea Party, and Mission Space
  • Audioanimatronic animals are also missing some love as The Enchanted Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, and Splash Mountain got a few passes. Splash Mountain was surprising to me though the reasoning was mostly sound (wanting to avoid drops and getting wet). In truth, the real reason to avoid Splash Mountain is that poultry should never sing.
  • Choices that struck us as kinda random included Universe of Energy and Hall of Presidents (don’t you people ever need a nap?) and Swiss Family Treehouse.
In a world where elephants fly and Baloo hangs with Fairy Godmother at the end of Fantastic!, this is what gives me nightmares.
In a world where elephants fly and Baloo hangs with Fairy Godmother at the end of Fantasmic!, this is what gives me nightmares. Photo – Tom Bricker


@JamboEveryone (who we had the great pleasure of meeting last week) has never “set foot in a value resort.” We can’t believe our Saturday Six Value Resort Bar Crawl didn’t inspire him to book a room just for the pre-mixed drinks at the pool bars.


Here are some replies from our own bloggers and staff:

Angela – Country Bears and Enchanted Tiki Room

Brian – Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Food & Wine, and Flower & Garden (seriously, you should take that up with your boss)

Daisy Lauren – La Cava

Guy – Festival of the Lion King

Julia – All coasters (including Barnstormer) and the water parks

Sarah – The Friendship boats across World Showcase

So that’s what we’ve from Twitter, how about you? What is on your I’ve never list? Is it a permanent item or something you plan to change? Talk about it in the comments.

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Laurel Stewart

Laurel is a former software engineer and current student. She likes pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and Big Thunder Mountain.

18 thoughts on “Things You’ve Never Done at Walt Disney World

  • It was only on my last trip that I managed to do the last attraction on the list for Magic Kingdom, the Main Street Vehicles. And that took me 4-5 trips actually trying to complete the list.

    I’ve never done A Bug’s Life and never will. I don’t like bugs to begin with and the ride’s description just makes me itch.

    I did like the suggestion above of all the things you did once and won’t do again. Splash Mountain is definitely on that list, so is Hall of Presidents (for 9/11 reasons), as well as Tom Sawyer’s island and the riverboat. I’m sure there are others, but that’s what comes to mind right now.

  • I have never been to Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, or AKL. I have either stayed or eaten at all of the other resorts. I haven’t been to Hoop Dee Doo, Typhoon Lagoon, La Nouba, or Miniature Golf. The only rides/attractions at all of the parks I haven’t done are Astro Orbiter, Hall of Presidents, Mad Tea Party, Advanced Training Lab, Frozen Ever After. The only character meal I haven’t been to is 1900 Park Fair for dinner. My daughter hasn’t done 2 of the 4 Pirate adventure cruises. We always try to do some new things when we visit so we have done most things. There are some restaurants I haven’t eaten at and don’t plan to because they just don’t sound good to me, but I have eaten at a lot of different ones.

  • Never done: water parks or mini-golf, the dinner show at the Poly, Friendship boats at Epcot, Space Mountain, RnR, Expedition Everest (not a big coaster fan), Coral Reef or Garden Grill, Astro Orbiter, LaCava, Boardwalk area, club level, the Halloween party, Food & Wine, LaNoubia, value resorts, any of the new Animal Kingdom stuff. Plenty of reasons to go back!

  • Well been 8 times and never done: enchanted tiki birds, country bears, Tom Sawyer island, I went to La Cava once to look for Len Testa but was disappointed (not actually liking tequila helps). I would only return if I thought I could get a sighting…

  • We’ve never made it to a water park. Maybe on the next trip — somehow it goes to the bottom of our priority list every trip. We’ve also never been to La Nouba, mostly because my family full of boys has declared it ‘too artsy.’ For attractions, I think Stitch is the only one I’ve never tried. And those people who avoid Splash Mountain need to get a poncho and give it a try. Best. ride. ever.

  • Oh, yeah, and I’ve never stayed at a Moderate resort. I’ve stayed at a Deluxe once (Wilderness Lodge club level), and I’m spoiled for life. My wallet doesn’t agree, though, so next time I go, I really want to stay at Port Orleans, especially now that Disney Springs is awesome.

  • Being a thrill junkie, I don’t spend much time at lesser attractions, unless they’re major classics. I’ve never ridden the railroad in Magic Kingdom, seen Country Bears, been to Tom Sawyer Island or Swiss Family Treehouse, been on the steamboat. Never done Energy Adventure or Journey into Imagination. Never walked the trails at Animal Kingdom (I can go to an actual zoo for that) or ridden the train there. I actually think I’ve done most things in HS. Never seen the Frozen show, because…Frozen. Next, you should do a feature on stuff you’ve done once, but would never do again. For me: Stitch (obviously), Astro Orbiter (boring), Speedway (poor theming), and Tough to be a Bug (unpleasant effects, though I love the queue).

    • You should give the Animal Kingdom trails a chance – they’re nothing like a zoo. The themeing is so amazing the animals are almost secondary.

    • is hiding under her desk

  • We’ve only stayed on-site for two days (on our honeymoon, we then moved to off-site lodgings). Given the lack of value in even the “value” resorts, when compared to renting an off-site town home, we’ll probably never stay on-site again.

    Other than that, we’ve done almost everything. I can’t think of one thing in any of the parks that we wouldn’t try. We even like Stitch (but for odd reasons) LOL.

  • Not sure what All-Stars pool bars you’ve been to, but we’ve been several times to all three and have NEVER had a pre-mixed drink. Not one time!

    Never been to either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.

    Every time we go, we try to include things we’ve never done before. In January, we’ll be visiting both The Enchanted Tiki Room and Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse for the first time! And in October, we’ll be knocking a BIG one off the “never done” list: Staying at Boardwalk Inn. Neither of us has every stepped foot on that property! Very excited!


    • Boardwalk is great fun. I love all the resorts around Echo Lake. Have a fantastic January vacation!

  • I’m one of the people who has never gone through the Swiss Family Treehouse. I guess it slips through the cracks in the rides-shows-meals basket. I should check it out next time.

    I’ve never been to Tom Sawyer Island (same reason, I guess).

    I’ve never stayed in a Moderate resort. Value, yes; Deluxe, a couple of times.

    I’ve never been to either of the water parks (or the mini golf courses).

    None of these are things I’ve sworn off; just never happened to do them. But the turkey leg; that one I will never do. Big smelly hunks of sinew. No thanks.

    • Tom Sawyer Island is fun in a “hasn’t changed since it opened” sort of way. It’s like a Disney time capsule. The Treehouse is the same way.

  • Blizzard Beach.
    Tony’s Town Square
    Ohana. (Though I have done V&A Kitchen Table.)
    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.
    Characters in Flight.
    La Nouba

    • I just recently crossed La Nouba off my list. Was down at Universal for HHN last month and swung by Disney Springs one night for Raglan Road and Cirque du Soleil. Both were awesome.

    • Tony’s is such a non-entity to me that I honestly don’t remember if I’ve ever eaten there.


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