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Universal Merchandise: The Film Vault in Universal Studios Florida (Kong, Ghostbusters, BTTF)

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Earlier this month Universal Studios Florida opened a new store called The Film Vault which offers products featuring a wide assortment of fan favorite Universal properties including Ghostbusters, King Kong, The Godfather, Back to the Future and more. The store is located across from Transformers: The Ride 3-D and replaces the Delancey Street Preview Center, where guests were used as test audiences for upcoming television shows. The preview center has been moved closer to the front of the park near Schwab’s Pharmacy.

The Film Vault (photo by Seth Kubersky)

The Film Vault (photo by Brandon Glover)


The Film Vault  does offer some generic “Universal Studios” items, but the vast majority of the products are cherry picked from other attraction gift shops or exclusive to the store.

The Film Vault (photo by Brandon Glover)

FilmVault11  FilmVault9   FilmVault7  FilmVault8

E.T. and the Speak and Spell (photo by Brandon Glover)


This King Kong plush is from the King Kong 360 attraction out in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Ol’ banana breath himself (photo by Brandon Glover)


There are a whole bunch of Back to the Future related items.

“There’s that word again. Heavy. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?”- Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future (photo by Brandon Glover)


These retro-style BTTF action figures are incredible.



This multi-colored hat is worn by Marty McFly in Back the Future Part II.

FilmVault12 FilmVault13


There are a lot of vinyl dolls by Funko available throughout the store for various brands.

Marty McFly in the “Time Machine” (photo by Brandon Glover)


Guests who miss the Ghostbusters Spooktacular show at USF (we’re looking in your direction Seth Kubersky) will be very happy to see how many Ghostbuster items are available.

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!” – Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters (photo by Brandon Glover)

FilmVault15 FilmVault16


This Ecto-1A replica from Ghostbusters II is incredibly detailed ($110)

Ecto-1A (photo by Brandon Glover)
“I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft!”- Ray Stantz, Ghostbusters


Items for The Big Lebowski was a nice surprise.

FilmVault20 FilmVault19


Jurrasic Park merchandise.

“You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could, and before you even knew what you had, you patented it, and packaged it, and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now” – Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park (photo by Brandon Glover)


Jaws, Psycho, The Godfather, American Graffiti, Blues Brothers and Animal House products.  Last year I wrote an article on the Top 6 Gift Shops at Universal Studios Florida and I think it’s time to revisit that list soon because between Diagon Alley‘s Borgin and Burkes and The Film Vault, there looks to be some new sheriffs in town. Filled with awesome properties like Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and the Fast & the Furious, The Film Vault is the store I have wanted to see in Universal for years and it is finally here.

“Well, this is not a boat accident! And it wasn’t any propeller; and it wasn’t any coral reef; and it wasn’t Jack the Ripper! It was a shark.” – Matt Hooper, Jaws (photo by Brandon Glover)
“It’s not like my mother is a maniac or a raving thing. She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven’t you?” – Norman Bates, Psycho (photo by Brandon Glover)

FilmVault22 FilmVault26

“What? Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!” – Bluo, Animal House (photo by Brandon Glover)


The perfect shirt to wear and glasses to drink from when you are put on double secret probation. FilmVault24  FilmVault25     FilmVault21

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses.” – Elwood Blues, The Blues Brothers

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  • Maybe they can pick up the stuff from the AFI exhibit that closed at DHS.


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