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Visitor Toll Pass – Rental Car Option Extended

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In May we wrote about the Visitor Toll Pass, a new option allowing guests renting cars in the Orlando area to bypass toll booths and save money. Previously the visitor pass was in testing for this summer with an end date of August 1.

The toll pass is now available for all future visits with no end date. Unlike similar options from rental car agencies the visitor toll pass is free to borrow, you only have to pay for the tolls you pass through. Plus you’ll save time at and some money; tolls are over 20% off when using a visitor toll pass.

Register online for the Visitor Toll Pass prior to your trip and pick up the pass in the airport. Visitor Toll Pass are hung on the rear view mirror of the vehicle, granting entry through any E-Pass, SunPass, or LeeWay express lanes. Tolls are automatically paid for using your credit card that you put on file when you register.

Once your vacation is complete, return the Visitor Toll Pass at a drop box located along the pedestrian walkways from the rental cars to the airport terminals. Any Visitor Toll Passes not returned will incur a $10 fee in addition to any tolls the vehicle passed through.

For additional questions visit the Visitor Toll Pass FAQ site or call 1-407-690-5300.

Does the Visitor Toll Pass sound like something that would be a must-do for your visit to save time and money? Let us know in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “Visitor Toll Pass – Rental Car Option Extended

  • We used the Visitor Toll Pass in June. Very easy! We used to bring our change with us for the toll booths, so this was a game changer for us. Loved being able to drive without stopping to pay a toll and we paid less than we have in the past. We will definitely use this again!

  • This is fantastic! I just signed up, THANK YOU. We were paying a daily rate via the rental car company before, just because we wanted to use the express lane and not worry about tolls, tickets, etc. Now, we will have an easy to track (receipt) version of what tolls we used for our vacation. Thank you for the update!

  • You’ll have to remove the one from the rental car company to make sure which one you want to use. Is that possible?

    • You flip the cover over the rental car one, blocking the signal.

  • Used this in June and registered my August visit as well. Glad it’s being extended, or no longer a pilot. So much better than the ridiculous fees from the rental car agencies.

    Pickup at the airport only takes a couple of minutes right now. If they get more traffic, I hope they beef up the airport kiosks. I was the only one in the queue when I arrived, but I’m afraid this will become more popular over time.

  • How does this work with the tolls by license plate?

  • Ruth Woodhouse

    We only use the toll roads to and from the airport on each trip and the queues aren’t too long to pay. So, at present we only go through 2 tolls all holiday. For that reason, we don’t pay the car rental companies for a toll pass either. Not sure we will bother with this new pass although it looks a good idea.

  • I just bought my own…

  • Hi there – do you pick up the pass from an Agent at a counter (like a rental car agency counter) or do you pick it up via a self-serve kiosk (like a vending machine or a ticket machine)?

  • Ricardo

    I don’t know how it works now, but back in February there was an Agent that fills a form for you and gives you the toll pass. What you do on the website it’s kind of a pre-register form.

  • Gunther seebacher

    We arrive in Melbourne airport and then travel to Fort Lauderdale…..can I get the free visitor pass at Melbourne airport ?


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