Walt Disney World (FL)

Wait Time Showdown Meet at Animal Kingdom on Thursday

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Our amazing developer Sarah is coming to town and we decided to have a super fun contest to celebrate! On May 24th, we are challenging you to enter as many posted and actual wait times in Disney World as possible. Then, come to the meet at Animal Kingdom’s Dawa Bar at 5pm and we will tally up your points…posted wait times will be worth 1 point, while actual wait times are worth 3 points.

The prizes include a 2012 ebook version of the Unofficial Guide, as well as Tom Bricker’s ebook Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise.

Even if you don’t compete, still stop by the Dawa Bar to say hi to Sarah and other TouringPlans.com staff and bloggers!

If you plan to join us, RSVP on PlanCast! Hope to see you there!

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One thought on “Wait Time Showdown Meet at Animal Kingdom on Thursday

  • I will help post but I only have a few days and plan on tackling as much of the magic kingdom as in on Thursday. P.s. If any if the editors have some time this summer I am working on my phd in industrial engineering and have some ideas how to make your offered resources even more amazing. Feel free to contact me through email. Thanks and hope ya’ll are as excited about your trip as I am.


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