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Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Get Special Entrances This Holiday Season

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To celebrate their Annual Passholders this holiday season, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will be able to enjoy easy access to the parks with special Passholder lines found at the main entrance of all four Walt Disney World theme parks –  Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This entrance will be found at the main entrance of each of the four theme parks, just after the security stations. Guests looking to utilize this perk will see signs up that will indicate which lanes should be used by Passholders. This should hopefully allow for an expedited experience at the tap-styles and entering the park.

According to WESH, this perk will begin on December 21 and will currently last through the month of January.




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10 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Get Special Entrances This Holiday Season

  • Do we need to show our APs or can they just scan the magic band?

    • Kristina

      I can confirm they just need to scan your bands. I saved us a huge amount of time at the Magic Kingdom, but the Passholder line at the other parks were pretty similar to the other entrance lines.

  • Jason Comegys

    Just the annual passholder or their whole party?

    • Annie B

      I’m wondering the same thing.

      • Me 3.

      • Nicholas

        Passholder and their family and guests, according to an Epcot ticketing CM. (Partly defeats the purpose, but they didn’t consult me on that one . . . . )

        At the Studios, the entrance will be on the right end uf the entrance, at MK, on the left. Haven’t yet heard about the other two parks.

  • Janet Sala

    Wow! That’s how it was back in the 80’s There was always a special turnstile for Annual Passholders. “Everything old is new again!”

  • Janet Sala

    And this is probably as good a place as any to mention it. Last week while entering Hollywood Studios, with my AP/DVC linked Annual Pass, the lights went green and then ran through a rainbow of all the available colors. I asked the Cast Member “what was that?” He asked if I was an AP holder or a DVC member. I said both. He said that’s a treat for you!

  • Kristina

    Anyone else not receive a card this year? We renewed in August and got our new MagicBands but no cards. When I called I was told parking and discounts would be handled using the bands. Well, parking is but shops and restaurants are not equipped to scan bands for the discount. I used the app to show them my passholder status. I called a second time and they admitted they didn’t get the technology into stores fast enough and I would need to trek my butt to Guest Relations and ask for a card to carry with me. I don’t appreciate wasting my park time standing in line to get a card they should have sent me in the first place. Then to make matters worse, I ran into to some people who just recently renewed and they got cards which I assume means they are in no hurry to put the band-scanners in the stores. If this is another perk that requires cards, I will be none too pleased.

    • Erin Foster

      I just renewed my AP over the phone last week. I already got a new AP MagicBand in the mail, but was told that I’d have to stop at a Guest Relations window to get a card.

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