Walt Disney World Photopass PhotoCD Prices Going Up March 21

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The cost of buying a Photopass PhotoCD from the Walt Disney World Resort will go up to $169.95 starting on March 21, 2012. The current price of a Photopass CD is $149.95 if purchased after a visit to Walt Disney World.

To side-step the price hike, Disney offers a pre-arrival Photopass PhotoCD package for $99.95 via its website: The pre-arrival package price will go up on March 21, as well, to a yet unreleased price point, though it will remain lower than purchasing the package after your vacation. If you buy the pre-arrival package and decide you don’t want it or don’t need it, Disney can refund the price for up to 6 months after the date of purchase. Thus buying it now at the $99.95 price before it goes up is a good idea if you have a trip in the next 6 months and plan to use Photopass services extensively.

You can purchase the pre-arrival package up until midnight the day before your arrival. No existing Photopass photos in your account will be included in the pre-arrival package – it only covers new photos added after the purchase is completed.

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10 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Photopass PhotoCD Prices Going Up March 21

  • As of right now (3/24/2012; 8:20pm EST) the prices are still $149.95 for the after visit CD and $99.95 for the pre-order. I don’t like pre-ordering so far in advance (our visit is in November) but I am sure eventually they will catch up with themselves and put the price hike in.

  • I have only actually used PhotoPass one time. It was a couple years ago and I was a bit upset that I had to pay $99 (I prepaid for one) for PhotoPass…and than I could hardly find any photographers! I was there a week and I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt LOL Out of all 7 days…I think a total of 62 pics were taken…that is $1.59/each. It just wasn’t worth it to me and now it really isn’t worth it at that price! Just my opinion. I love all things Disney but hey…i’m allowed some leeway 🙂

  • Gail.. the Photopass CD shipping costs to the UK are about £7 🙂

    I have pre-ordered two of the CDs this week! One for our family trip in August, and then another for our October trip for Food & Wine/Halloween events.

  • Does anyone know what the approx shipping costs to UK are if you order the CD? Also, has anyone decided against buying the pre-purchase CD and requested a refund? We are visiting UK for first time with our son and I want to pre-purchase but am worried we will end up not getting enough photos to make it worth the value…

    • You can also download the photos and shipping is free.

  • Hello, visiting the website mentioned in the article, it says that a full refund is given up to 90 days after the purchase date… not 6 months as written here. Anyone knows who is right?

    • I am a bit unclear on that, but if you pre purchase (and the credit never expires, which is stated on the website) the photos in your account linked to that CD credit in your cart only activates once you register a card with pictures to that account – which you can only do from when the first photo is taken and up to 30 days out from that. If you are not happy with the pictures, you can then request a refund. I would be keen to know what would happen with a pre-purchased CD credit if you linked photopass cards to your account and never redeemed the credit, leaving them to expire and without asking for a refund, added more cards from your next trip and redeemed the credit then. Is that possible?

      • This actually happened to me. I pre-purchased the photopass, added my photos, and then got in a long discussion with the boyfriend on whether to keep photos or get a refund. We accidentally let the photos expire… oops. Then I used the pre-purchase credit as a present for my parent’s recent trip.

    • Ok, so according to Dane from “Disney Photo Imaging Guest Support Team” we have 6 months to ask for a full refund after pre purchase date. So this article is right and Disney´s own site is wrong. They should really update that.

  • I have already pre purchased my CD for our September trip. Does anyone know if you can pre purchase more than one CD at a time?


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