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So you’ve decided to visit one of Disney’s water parks.  That’s great!  But you may be wondering how to best accomplish all of the attractions at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach (or both).  Fear not, the team here at TouringPlans.com has got you covered!  There are Touring Plans for both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach designed for groups of adults as well as families with kids which can be found here.  We will even customize a plan your given touring dates when you enter them into the provided tabs.  Doing so will provide the park hours and and pertinent information you may need for that day.

Armed with a Touring Plan and ready to go!

But why use a Touring Plan?  Why not just go to a water park and wing it?  Well, our Touring Plans are designed to help you accomplish all of your desired attractions in the most efficient way possible.  Our plans can save you up to four hours in line in any of Disney’s theme parks!  I often opt to take a more leisurely approach to the four main theme parks since I’m there so often.  But, even a park veteran like me needs a little help from time to time and I was glad to have my Touring Plans as a tool to have two successful days in the water parks.  My friends and I were a group on a mission to tackle all of the water parks’ fun offerings!

Since we are kid-less we opted to use those designed for grown ups.  We did the Blizzard Beach Touring Plan on Saturday and the Typhoon Lagoon plan on Sunday.  Blizzard Beach was very busy, with several tour groups visiting that day.  Even with a Touring Plan we did not finish all of the attractions until about 6 pm!  However, we accomplished all of the Typhoon Lagoon attractions by about 2 pm even with a lunch break.   A key to a successful Touring Plans day is to arrive at the gate well before park opening.  This way you’ll be ready to roll as soon as possible and you will beat many of the crowds who might opt to sleep in that morning.

When I was preparing for this trip I knew I wanted to use the Touring Plans in the water parks, but I thought of a big problem.  I couldn’t really carry my iphone around the water park with me all day since I’d be, you know, surrounded by water.  Therefore, I couldn’t check out Touring Plans through our Lines application (apparently the fine folks running Lines also realized this and don’t include the water parks in the app Touring Plans section).  I was faced with the same moisture problem if I elected to print out my Touring Plan.  Was I supposed to memorize both Touring Plans?  What to do, what to do.  Then, in a stroke of brilliance my friends and I came up with a solution!  Place your printed Touring Plan in a plastic baggie to keep it dry and carry it with you throughout the day.  Sure, it got a little moist here and there, but over all the paper held up just fine and we were able to use the plan very well.  This works especially well if there are men wearing swim trunks with pockets in your party.

Now that we’ve covered some basic Touring Plan for water park tips, let’s take a look at the Touring Plans for both water parks:

Typhoon Lagoon

  1. Arrive at the park entrance 30 minutes prior to opening. Take care of locker and towel rentals at Singapore Sal’s, on your right hand side once you get past the entrance walkway into the main part of the park. – This is great advice!  Get yourself situated for the day before diving into the park.
  2. Ride Gang Plank Falls – This is the park’s family raft ride.  It is best to get it done first thing before the queue gets long.  It is definitely not worth a long wait in my opinion.
  3. Ride Mayday Falls – The same sentiment applies two Mayday Falls and Keelhaul Falls.  They are fun, but certainly not worth waiting a long time.
  4. Ride Keelhaul Falls.
  5. Ride Crush ‘n’ Gusher. There are three slides here, and you can re-ride to experience each version.  I thought this attraction would be first on the list, but the wait times for the first few attractions exceeded Crush ‘n’ Gusher for most of the day.  Those Touring Plan writers know what they’re talking about!
  6. Swim in the Shark Reef The Shark Reef is a must do for me.  The earlier you go there, the longer you’ll get to spend in the pool without the lifeguards rushing you through to make room for the next group.  Don’t forget to visit the observation area to get a good look at the fish while on land.
  7. Ride Humunga Kowabunga – While this attraction is one of the most thrilling in the park, there are three identical slides which keeps the move moving along quite nicely.
  8. Ride Storm Slides – While we were following the plan we walked right up to these slides without any wait at all.
  9. Swim in the Surf Pool – I really love the wave pool, so I leave plenty of time for a good swim or two in my plan.
  10. Take a ride around Castaway CreekYou could spend hours floating around if you wanted!
  11. Revisit any favorite attractions – For me, that would be Crush ‘n’ Gusher or Shark Reef. 
  12. Depart Typhoon Lagoon


Blizzard Beach

  1. Arrive at the park entrance at least 30 minutes prior to opening. Take care of locker and towel rentals at Lottawatta Lodge, to your left just past the park entrance.
  2. Take the Chair Lift Up Mt. Gushmore to the top of the Green Slope
  3. Ride Summit Plummet. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. – This slide will most likely have the longest queue in the park throughout the day.  If you are brave enough to take the plunge, you really should do it early.  If some folks in your group would rather skip Summit Plummet they can take a spin on Teamboat Springs while they wait for those who do Summit Plummet.  My friends and I were able to ride it twice while a few of our crazier pals did the more thrilling option. 
  4. Take the Chair Lift Up Mt. Gushmore (the stairs are faster, but tiring) back to the top of the Green Slope
  5. Ride Slush Gusher – The queue here can also be long so be sure to knock it out early. 
  6. Head to the Purple Slope to the left of the Green Slope on the mountain.
  7. Ride the Downhill Double Dipper – I couldn’t believe the wait time for this reached over 60 minutes on the day of our visit!  We probably waited about 30 minutes even with the Touring Plan since crowds were so heavy. 
  8. Slide the Snow Stormers – Since there are three slides here, the line shouldn’t be too bad.
  9. Ride the Toboggan RacersWe had just a short wait for this one and we were able to ride it all together!
  10. Head to the Red Slope, beyond the Purple Slope on the backside of the mountain. Ride Runoff Rapids. There are three slides – ride each if desired. – The stairs here can be harsh if you’ve been touring all day, but we had no wait at all since it is a little off the beaten path. 
  11. Take the Chair Lift Up Mt. Gushmore back to the Green Slope.
  12. Raft down Teamboat Springs. My favorite slide!  We slipped down this family slope several times since it was at the end of the touring day. 
  13. Ride the Cross Country Creek at your leisure – Leisure is the key word here!  This is your time to relax!
  14. Swim in Melt-Away Bay’s Wave Pool at your leisure.
  15. Depart Blizzard Beach.

We had two very successful days touring the water parks.  Using Touring Plans ensured we hit every one of the slides and other aquatic fun Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach have to offer.  After you take your last step and depart your chosen water park, I highly suggest a little break back at your resort.  A shower and maybe a nap or a drink by the pool will give you that burst of energy to hit one Epcot for dinner around World Showcase and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth or perhaps Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom.  Visiting Disney’s water parks can make for a great day with a little bit of planning and the help of your trusty Touring Plan.

How about you?  Have you had great success with one of our water park Touring Plans?  Let me know about your experiences in the comments!



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2 thoughts on “Water Park Touring Plans

  • August 24, 2011 at 8:39 am

    LOVE the Touring Plans. Being a Florida resident and frequent WDW visitor, I tend to do the parks at my own pace depending on what we want to see on that visit. However, this past April, I visited during Spring Break which also coincided with Easter. There were 7 of us altogether…me, my mom, my sister (in-law), my DD (did I mention it was also her 18th birthday?), DD’s best friend (16), and my two nieces (17 &14). ALL FEMALES!!! We made good use of the touring plans. Our first days in the park was Easter Sunday, so we hit Animal Kingdom…NO crowds, NO long waits for rides (longest was 15 min for Expedition Everest), NO waits for character greets. We followed the touring plans recommendations for the remaining 3 days and experienced very low crowds and lines anywhere. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Touring Plans.

  • August 25, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Wonderful Kristen…we’ll definitely be sticking to the TP Touring Plan(no Shark Reef before Mayday Falls!), and our guide is already in a plastic bag…Can’t wait!


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