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What I Love: My Kids Are THOSE Kids

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Everyone gets excited to be at Walt Disney World. And sometimes as a parent, you see your kids acting… well, acting a bit out of control and you wonder if other parents view your kids as THOSE kids. In today’s edition of What I Love, Beth Wagers (Liner name ehk107), admits that well…

My kids may be THOSE kids. The wild kids. The ones who are loud, bursting with energy, running, goofing off & seldom listening to their parents! I think deep down, they try. But Disney World is like catnip for them and they lose all control. We try to keep a steady pace, give them midday breaks & Disney naps, hydrate and feed them – but they’re still all wound up, all the time. The rowdy kids on the bus…the kids poking each other in the queue…the kids who can’t sit at the table through dinner.
Last trip, we finally decided to try to embrace it. They won’t be 7 and 4, or 8 and 5, or any of these precious ages forever. They’re also the ones in the front row of every roller coaster with their hands ALL the way up. The ones who squeeze characters REALLY tight and dance to every song. And they do appreciate. Every year, the chaos is a bit less. But they also remind their old mom and dad how important it is to to live life out loud.
Thanks for the good laugh! I think any parent knows that at any moment our kids can become THOSE KIDS, especially at Disney. It’s so wonderful to be able to make those memories while they are young.
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2 thoughts on “What I Love: My Kids Are THOSE Kids

  • I’m gonna be the nasty ol’ grammy here. It’s one thing to be excited & wound up — it’s another thing when the poking, hitting, & running/dodging endangers other guests. I actively try to keep away from “those kids”, as I’m tired of being: hit, shoved, knocked over, having stroller or whatever run into me, whacked by souvenirs, etc. It’s even worse when it happens to grandchildren who are NOT acting the fool. I had a crying kiddo with pretty badly scuffed up, bloody hands from being pushed over on concrete. Ruined half a day for us.
    Sometimes a time-out works, even if that means missing something. Ppl really don’t need to let kids get feral, when they KNOW that behavior isn’t tolerated anywhere else! Your vacation is someone else’s vacation too.
    I’m not advocating perfectly still, silent little angels, but there needs to be a happy medium. PLEASE don’t just throw up your hands & let kids run out-of-control!

  • My sons are those kids too! Sometimes I love it and sometimes I cringe, but really it’s all good. You’re right, they won’t be young for long.

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