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What to Eat at Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue

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EPCOT has many places for a quick meal, and you might wonder what stands out on the menu at Regal Eagle Smokehouse. If you’ve got your heart set on something then go forth and order, but if not then here are our team’s recommendations. We’ll start with a restaurant overview, but if you’re in a hurry you can skip straight to the Best Bets.

Why You Might Choose Regal Eagle

Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts and Barbecue is a Quick Service restaurant in the American Adventure Pavilion. It has a barbecue-focused menu, as you might expect from the name. Cider, beer, and a couple of cocktails are available both on the regular counter menu and at the walk-up bar to the side of the entrance.

Our three-second take is that this is an excellent place to sit and enjoy some powerful A/C during the months when it’s too hot to be outside (which is most of them). Add to that the mostly great menu, and you’ve got a win.

In the center image, white wooden doors with glass pane insets are framed by a red and white swag underneath the entrance sign. To the left, and slightly in the foreground, the same white wood frames a bar counter with the menu posted to the left and above. A double row of glass panes decorates the area above the bar opening, and a spindle railing runs along the top of the building, continuing over the entrance to the restaurant and adjoining to the main brickwork of the American Adventure Pavilion.
Regal Eagle Entrance and Outdoor Bar

Regal Eagle has both indoor and outdoor seating. Outdoor seats are primarily all-wood picnic tables with umbrellas for shade and plenty of space to move between them. Indoor seats are picnic tables with a mix of wooden and padded seating, and the air conditioning is plentiful. The interior decor has an Americana feel with just enough touches of Muppet to say that they’re part of the theme without being in your face. Tap any image in the gallery below to page through.

Regal Eagle is open for both Lunch and Dinner, and Mobile Order is available. We find that Mobile Order pickup can get backed up here at peak times, but unless you’re in a hurry it can be a pleasant place to wait and take a load off.

The average entree at Regal Eagle is $13-14, with sides and desserts at about $5 each. Kids’ meals, which include a couple of Disney Check options, are about $8-10 each. All told, a meal for 4 with 2 entrees, 2 sides, 2 desserts, 2 non-alcoholic beverages and 2 kids’ meals will run you about $70-75. Of course, that assumes nobody is sharing, and the sides and desserts are far from necessary to walk away from Regal Eagle with a full belly. (Click here to see the full menu.)

One thing that we really enjoy is the condiment station. You’ll be able to find the usual ketchup & mustard, but they also have a variety of pump-style bbq sauces, and they stock lots of individually wrapped hand wipes to help you clean off that sauce before you leave.

The condiment station has four pumps with different bbq sauces; each pump is fronted by an artistic label. The decorative tile backsplash has mosaics of patterns from patchwork quilt squares.
Regal Eagle Condiment Station

Our Recommendations

Eat This

Sliced Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich with Baked Beans with Burnt Ends

We’re starting with our favorite! If you get the beans with this entree, you definitely can share this plate. The Brisket is sweet, smoky, and savory. Fabulous.

Smoked brisket sandwich with darkly toasted texas-toast type bread and moist meat that is visibly mopped with sauce, paired with a service boat of baked beans.
Sliced Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich at Regal Eagle Smokehouse
Kansas City Smoked Half-Chicken with House-made Pickles

The chicken is beautifully smoked (don’t get nervous about the pink color!) and the pickles are fresh & puckery. A classic smokehouse staple & it’s done well.

a half roast chicken with deep mahogany-colored basted skin, a slice of texas toast, and a service boat of bright green sliced pickles.
Kansas City Smoked Half Chicken at Regal Eagle
Power Green Salad

This is a pricey salad but it’s tasty and we’re excited by any new green offering. Not everyone is a grapefruit person, but you can customize the citrus either on MDE or at the register. And if you’d like a little more protein with your meal, you can get this same salad topped with pulled chicken.

A mix of lettuces, with thin sliced radishes at the top of the bowl, dried cranberries, and a few grapefruit slices.
Power Greens Salad at Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Not That

Memphis Dry-rub Pork Ribs with Macaroni & Cheese

From the very best to the very worst. We have ordered this several times to attempt to say something nice and it’s just not there. The smoke flavor is the biggest flex & that’s not enough to justify the price. The Macaroni & Cheese was fine but it’s not our favorite side.

Tiana Banana Pudding

Remember that high-school chemistry lab where you made the banana ester and it gave everyone a headache? If you enjoy fake banana flavor, this is going to be your jam. If you prefer good food, we think you should skip this every single time.

Have you eaten at Regal Eagle? What would you order again? Let us know in the comments!


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5 thoughts on “What to Eat at Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue

  • We just at there last week and had the opposite conclusion – Memphis dry rub ribs were great (and a huge portion) and the brisket was so-so. Love the Texas toast! Would definitely go back to try the pulled pork and chicken. It is a huge place inside and out so take your pick depending on the weather.

    • Hey Todd, thanks for sharing! It is always a challenge making a recommendation for everyone based on just a few experiences (unlike other places where we collect reams of data daily), so having others weigh in really helps people get a good take on these restaurants.

  • Where’s the review of the pulled pork? I’d love to know your take on it.

    • I’m just a random guy, but I thought the pulled pork was very good. It met my expectations, and is what I usually order at BBQ places.

    • Hey Jeff, I asked a member of our parks team to go back and try this out so we could answer you. They agreed with @Mike, and highly recommended that you consume it with the Sweet Mustard Sauce.


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