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What to Expect When Holiday Shopping at Disney Springs

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Whether you’re on vacation or live locally, going to Disney Springs for some holiday shopping is sure to be on your to-do list. And even if you’re already done your holiday shopping, strolling through Disney Springs during this festive season sure is fun. But there are some things you should be prepared for so your visit can be an enjoyable one.

  • Designated entrances and exits
  • Extended queues for popular shops, like World of Disney
  • Promotions and discounts on select merchandise collections
  • Most stores open at 10:00 a.m.
  • Dining options are very limited in the morning
  • Limited live entertainment
  • Christmas Tree Trail is now a Stroll
  • Construction in Disney Springs West Side
  • Weekends are extremely busy
  • Mask compliance and distancing can be challenging on weekends
Sunset at Disney Springs
Holiday Decorations at Disney Springs

Practically every shop at Disney Springs now has designated entrances and exits. Be sure to look for signs and markers on the ground to direct you. World of Disney’s entrance is usually just the main entrance with the large World of Disney sign that faces the Marketplace Stage. However, when it is busier that entrance will close to make way for an extended queue near the Basin store. Cast Members have tablets to mark the number of guests entering and exiting the store in order to maintain a limited capacity. The Disney’s Days of Christmas shop often has an extended queue on weekends as well. Oh, and keep an eye out for Toys for Tots donation boxes inside World of Disney, and consider purchasing an extra toy to add to the collection box.

Disney’sDays of Christmas Extended Queue
Toys for Tots Donation Box at Disney Springs

Select merchandise collections, like 2020 dated merchandise, can have special promotions on them. The 2020 dated merchandise collection is buy one, get one free. Some Cast Members are great about noticing this and making sure you get a great deal, but it is best to pay attention to signs in the store so you know if anything is on a special promotion.

In the evenings you can enjoy limited entertainment like live music and holiday performers. Due to physical distancing there is not as much entertainment as years past, but keep an eye out. We also have not seen him so far this year, but Santa Claus is said to be scheduled to make appearances in a decorated boat on the lake throughout the holiday season, instead of his traditional meet and greet.

Holiday Entertainment at Disney Springs
Designated Entrances and Exits at Disney Springs Shops

This year you can enjoy the traditional Christmas Tree Trail, which is now a Stroll. The trees are spread out, mostly in the West Side, Landing, and Town Center areas. So far many guests are indicating a preference to this set up which allows for more space to appreciate the details of each tree.

If you plan to visit the entirety of Disney Springs, just know there is construction in the West Side portion. It will not impede your ability to walk around the West Side, but there are a few buildings in a row that are closed and under construction.

M&M Store Under Construction Disney Springs

Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, weekends are extremely busy at Disney Springs. Avoid weekends if you can. Even the mornings can be very busy, and evenings are even more so. You will have a much more pleasant visit to Disney Springs during the week, and especially on weekday mornings.

Are you considering shopping at Disney Springs this holiday season? Do you have a favorite shop? Let us know in the comments.

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