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REVIEW – Elf Fuel Specialty Drink at Starbucks Disney Springs Marketplace

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Christmas shopping at Disney Springs requires some special fuel. Thankfully, the Starbucks locations at Disney Springs excel at producing specialty drinks throughout the year with special seasonal themes. Right now at the Starbucks Marketplace location, just outside the World of Disney store entrance, there are four festive specialty beverages. On a rare weekend visit with my family I decided to get perked up with a drink called Elf Fuel.

Specialty Drinks Menu Starbucks Marketplace

The winter holiday specialty beverages at this Starbucks locations all sounded decadent and sweet. Many are made with white chocolate and caramel, which is too much for me. But the Elf Fuel sounded less sweet, and certainly very strong. Nitro Cold Brew is poured with Peppermint and Mocha Syrups, then it is topped with Matcha Cold Brew Foam to give a festive green color, and finished with a dash of holiday sprinkles. The Nitro Cold Brew was smooth, but strong. I delighted in the peppermint flavor. The mocha flavor weighed down this drink, but for those that like chocolate and peppermint together it is a nice touch. The Matcha foam flavor did not pair well with the strong coffee and mocha flavors.

Elf Fuel Starbucks Marketplace


Overall, the Elf Fuel coffee was strong, and the least sweet of the holiday beverages. But once this specialty drink was put together and rung up at the register it came out to about $9.00, and that’s way more than I like to spend on specialty coffee. It was not worth the high price tag.

Have you indulged in a specialty beverages from Disney Springs Starbucks? Do you have a favorite?

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