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What’s so Special about the McDonald’s on Walt Disney World Property?

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As Walt Disney World awakens from its three-month slumber, a modern staple of Disney property has returned. The full-service McDonald’s located on the Western side of Disney property underwent a massive renovation. In fact, the building was stripped down to its bare bones. Now, it has reopened with a focus on the environment.

Disney McDonald’s exterior
Disney McDonald’s exterior

What’s different about this Disney McDonald’s?

  • It’s solar-powered
  • Green architecture that makes use of plants
  • Environmentally friendly building materials
  • Expanded outdoor dining area
  • Interactive menu kiosks
  • Enhanced indoor dining
  • Only drive-through on Disney property
  • Higher prices

McDonald’s at Walt Disney World – Exterior Enhancements

For months, it was emphasized that this Walt Disney World McDonald’s is covered in solar panels. Even the parking lot lights are solar powered. This isn’t the first solar-powered McDonald’s location, however. In 2018, a flagship location in Chicago was converted to solar power.

The use of solar power panels on top of the building provide a nice covering and shade for the massive outdoor dining area. Outdoor dining areas have become incredibly important as studies show being outside is an easy way to combat the spread of COVID-19. There is lots of seating and extra space in the outdoor dining area. We encourage you to review the CDC’s guidelines before deciding what activities to engage in.

Disney McDonald’s environmental sign
Disney McDonald’s outdoor exercise bikes
Disney McDonald’s outdoor seating
Disney McDonald’s outdoor seating
Disney McDonald’s outdoor seating COVID-19 spacing

Besides the use of solar power, the building itself is constructed with materials that have less of an environmental impact than traditional building materials. Use of plants on the exterior walls reduce the need for additional materials, and provide a cooling effect on the building. This eases the use of the air conditioning system. It also provides cleaner air.

McDonald’s at Walt Disney World – Interior Enhancements

Inside the building there are multiple kiosks, making it easier for guests to customize their order. The kiosks also reduce the person-to-person contact. When you place your order at a kiosk you will take a number to place wherever you decide to sit so your food can be delivered to you. You can also place your order at the counter with a team member.

The inside dining area has enhanced seating. Curved booths allow groups to sit together. Some tables have interactive LED lights. The interior is bright and welcoming thanks to the natural light and other touches.

Disney McDonald’s indoor dining
Disney McDonald’s indoor dining
Disney McDonald’s COVID-19 Safety

McDonald’s at Walt Disney World – Higher Prices

The higher prices at the Walt Disney World McDonald’s is nothing new. I remember when I was a Cast Member and I would stop in for a quick bite going to or from work, and used my Cast Member discount. Even with the discount prices were 10-15% higher than a regular McDonald’s. Still, it’s the only drive-through on property.

Besides the convenience of the drive-through, it is easily accessed. You do not have to enter a resort or navigate a massive parking area, like that of Disney Springs, to get to it. In fact, for guests of Disney’s All-Star Resorts, you can walk to it. It’s right next to the All-Star Cast Member parking lot so you’ll often see these Cast Members stopping in for a bite.

Disney McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window

One additional note about this location is that, at present, it is not open during breakfast hours and opens for lunch at 11 a.m. This will likely change when the All-Star Resorts reopen, but it is worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for a quick breakfast on the go.

If you seek the comfort of familiar food at McDonald’s, but wish to save a few pennies, there are other nearby McDonald’s locations.

Personally, I have not been to a McDonald’s location, anywhere, in quite a long time. But seeing this Disney location with its flagship style and environmental enhancements brings back some memories. It is a nice option for anyone looking for something quick and casual.

What are your thoughts about this new design? Would this make you more likely to dine at a McDonald’s on your next trip? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “What’s so Special about the McDonald’s on Walt Disney World Property?

  • That looks like a trendy hospital on the inside in a good way!

  • The happiest burgers on earth

  • The first thing that comes to mind about the architecture is a criticism about the new student union building at a Uni I attended.
    “Easily Defendable”

  • We were coming from the airport and everyone was hungry.
    We pulled up to the drive-thru speaker and they asked for our order.
    “Just a second”, I replied, “I’m not seeing your Dollar Menu”.
    From the speaker: “Welcome to Florida, sir, we do not have a Dollar Menu.”

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