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What’s the Quickest Way to World Showcase from EPCOT’s Front Entrance

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One of the main things we focus on here at TouringPlans is saving you time. Right now EPCOT is a bit of a mess, at least at Future World. When you enter through the main entrance you will need to know if you want to head to Future World West or Future World East. But, if your first stop isn’t in Future World and you want to get to World Showcase you may be wondering which way is the quickest. Well, we’ve done the research.

First, we simply measured the time it would take to get to World Showcase from Future World East and Future World West. Then we figured we should zone in on Frozen Ever After as that is a must-do for most EPCOT guests.

We used the center promenade to World Showcase as our first destination. We tracked the length of time to get from the front entrance. The center of the park is closed off and there is no way to cross through the middle, until you’re nearly at World Showcase. Future World East contains Mission: Space and Test Track, whereas Future World West is home to The Land and the Seas. One way to remember it is Future World West has the water feature around it; west = water (at least that’s what works for me).

Time to get to World Showcase

  • Near EPCOT Fountain to Future World West to World Showcase plaza = 6 minutes and 58 seconds
  • Near EPCOT Fountain to Future World East to World Showcase plaza = 7 minutes and 34 seconds
Epcot Construction Center of Epcot
Epcot Construction Spaceship Earth (photo is pre-COVID-19)
Future World East (photo is pre-COVID-19)

Time to get to Frozen Ever After

  • International Gateway gate to Frozen Ever After = 9 minutes and 55 seconds
  • EPCOT Front Entrance to Future World West to Frozen Ever After = 10 minutes and 22 seconds
  • EPCOT Front Entrance to Future World East to Frozen Ever After = 11 minutes and 21 seconds
International Gateway Entrance January 2021
Friendship at EPCOT International Gateway Area
Frozen Ever After Entrance 09/08/2020

It may be surprising to many folks that it takes a lot longer to get to Frozen Ever After from Future World East since Frozen Ever After is on the East side of the park. But, Future World East has a complicated walkway, especially near the front of the park. Future World West has a wider walkway and less turns and corners than Future World East. In the end, though, there is a one minute difference between Future World East and West.

Which side do you prefer, Future World East or Future World West? Where’s your usual first stop at EPCOT?

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