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Which Rooms are Requested Most at Deluxe Resorts?

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It’s hard to find the perfect room. You know you want to minimize walking. That your kids want to be close to the pool. A great view would be great. But not too much noise. And if all you do is purchase a particular room type and cross your fingers, you’re really gambling. That’s why the savvy WDW travelers use the Room Request to increase their chances of staying somewhere that will help them enjoy their trip. TouringPlans users have sent over 140,000 room requests through the Room Finder.

We recently looked at the most frequently-requested rooms at each of the Value and Moderate resorts to see if there were any trends (spoiler alert: there were). In this post we’ll do the same for Deluxe resorts. Maybe if a bunch of other people found that a room met their needs, you can just benefit from their research!

Last updated April 10, 2024

Explain the Math!

If you’ve ever used the room request tool for a WDW trip, when you push the button to send the request, we record the room number that you used. I pull all of that data and aggregate it (add it up) by resort or individual room. Then I can pull the room with the highest number of requests for each resort. I can do it for all time, or for a specific window of time. In this case, I’ll look all-time and at the past 2 years – that way we’ll be able to see if there are any recent trends or changes that might be due to renovations or additions.

I’m also going to use two other pieces of data while we look through these:

  1. The average satisfaction rating for each room based on post-visit surveys
  2. The average length of stay requested for each room

Most-Requested Rooms at Deluxe Resorts

Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House – 11,070 total room requests

Location and view for room 3230 at Jambo House

Jambo has a very large number of requested compared to its nuber of rooms, and that’s probably because Jambo has quite a few “secret savanna” views that are categorized as standard views, and those in the know make sure to request them. The DVC rooms have their own category, but the non-DVC room with the most requests at Jambo is room 3230, with 238 total requests. 3230 is one of those sneaky savanna views priced as a standard. It’s on the third floor of the Kudu trail, but pretty much any room on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floors in the x210 – x230 range (even numbers) will get you something similar. You’ll also be close to the lobby and transportation (and Boma …). We have 3 reviews from this room, and they’re all “Very Satisfied”. The average length of stay requested for this room is 6.5 nights. So if we all cooperated and booked it consecutively, we could book this room solid for over 4 years!

In the past two years, the most-requested room has been 4226, with 42 requests. Room 4226 is also a “standard” room, but with regular access to animals, including giraffes being fed here at night. It’s on the Kudu Trail, on the third floor.

Polynesian Village – 6,484 total room requests

Location and view for room 3610 at the Polynesian

Room 3610 is the most popular place to request at the Polynesian. It has 332 room requests all-time, and is also the most-requested room of the past 2 years. This is a pool/marina view corner room on the third floor of the Samoa building. You’ve got easy access to the pool down some stairs (or an elevator) and very quick boat and beach access, as well as being steps away from the Great Ceremonial House. Since you are in the middle of all of the activity, that will lead to some increase in noise. And the pool view comes with an increased price. We have 4 ratings from users that have stayed in room 3610, and they are all “Very Satisfied.” The average length of stay requested for this room is 5.4 nights, so we could book up this room with just TouringPlans users for almost five years.

Beach Club – 6,124 total room requests

Location and view for room 3681 at Beach Club Resort

Beach Club is a perfect example of where standard views equal ugly views. Generally speaking, you’ll probably be looking at the top of a roof. Or maybe a parking lot. So it’s no surprise to me that room 3681, a “standard” view that actually gives a peak at Stormalong Bay (but also a roof), is the most-requested room here. It has 600 total room requests, and the next-highest request-getter only has 250 requests. It’s also the most-requested when we filter down to just the past 2 years. 3681 is also very convenient to the lobby (in addition to the pool). But access to transportation at Beach Club in general is rough. It’s a little bit of a hike to the busses, and the boat launch isn’t particularly close. But at least you’ve got quick walking access to EPCOT. We have 4 ratings for this room, and they average 4.5. The average length of stay requested for this room is 5.2 nights. That means with just TouringPlans requests, we could book up this room for eight and a half years!

Yacht Club – 6,079 total room requests

Location and view for room 4153 at Yacht Club Resort

Unlike its neighboring resort that we just talked about, the most-requested room at Yacht Club isn’t a standard view. But it is a room where your view will get you more than what you pay for. Room 4153 is categorized as a Garden View, and it has 306 total room requests (it’s also the most-requested room in the past 2 years). Even though it’s not technically a water view, you can barely spy the pool through the trees, and you’ll have a glimpse of Crescent Lake. 4153 has quick access to the boat dock, if that’s you’re preferred mode of transportation. But it’s a little bit of a longer walk to the lobby and bus transportation. We don’t have any post-visit reviews of this room, so no word on if it’s actually satisfying once people stay there. The average length of stay requested for this room is 4.9 nights. So if we booked the room for just TouringPlans users, we could keep it busy for over 4 years.

Contemporary Resort – 5,253 total room requests

Location and view for room 6123 at the Contemporary

The most-requested room at the Contemporary has the most positive ratings of any room that we’ll be discussing in this series of articles. Room 6123 has 413 total requests (the next-closest only has 221), and it’s also the most-requested room from the past 2 years. 6123 is a corner room on the first floor of the South Garden Wing. Because of its location, you can see the fireworks in between the main tower and Bay Lake Tower at night, as well as the Electrical Water Pageant from the room. It’s a few steps away from the beach and the pool, and just 2 minutes from the dining options in the main building. Several user comments about the room mention a 10-minute walk to the Magic Kingdom. A Garden View is typically about a $40/night upgrade over a Standard room, but it’s still a relative value compared to Lake or Theme Park Views. We have 7 different ratings from just this one room, and they are all “Very Satisfied”. The average length of stay requested for room 6123 is 4.6 nights. That means just TouringPlans users could book up this room for over five years.

Grand Floridian – 4,847 total room requests

Location and view for room 7414 at Grand Floridian

Room requests are more spread out at the Grand Floridian than most other resorts. The room with the most all-time requests (and most requests in the past two years) is 7414, with 155 requests. It’s in the middle of the 4th floor of the Conch Key building. It has a quiet garden view with incredibly quick access to the boat dock, and still isn’t very far from the main building or transportation. Our previous most-requested room was 7413, and it had an expensive lagoon view. 7414 is generally about $100 a night less than the room across the hall. We have 4 user ratings from room 7414, and they are all “Very Satisfied”. The average length of stay requested for this room is 4.8 nights. But since there are only 155 requests, TouringPlans users could “only” book out this room just over 2 years.

Wilderness Lodge – 4,169 total room requests

Location and view for room 6046 at Wilderness Lodge

Room 6046 at Wilderness Lodge has 142 total requests. And if you look at the view, there aren’t any questions as to why. It’s the perfect picture of Cinderella Castle right from your window. But you’ll be paying a lot for that view – 6046 is in the highest price category of all rooms at Wilderness Lodge. You will have a quick trip to the lobby and the pool, but transportation is more of a hike. We have 2 reviews from room 6046, and both are “Very Satisfied”. The average length of stay requested for this room is 5.1 nights. So we could book 6046 for just TouringPlans users for almost 2 years.

If you’re looking for a similar view at a much cheaper price, check out something like room 4046. It’s 2 floors lower and closer to some parking and storage, but still seems to offer peeks at the Castle and fireworks. It doesn’t have any requests from the Room Finder, but averages $245/night cheaper than 6046. We have three reviews from 4046, and they’re all “Very Satisfied”.

BoardWalk Inn – 3,191 total room requests

Location and view for room 5279 at BoardWalk Inn

BoardWalk Inn is the deluxe resort with the fewest total room requests. But the most-requested room here, both all-time and for the past 2 years, is definitely a winner. Room 5279 is categorized as a standard view on the 5th floor. That means you’ve got a lot of stairs or elevator waits between you and the lobby, pool, or transportation. But it also means that you get a pretty spectacular view while saving yourself a lot of money on the room type. We don’t have any ratings for this room from post-visit surveys, but there are three public comment about it if you navigate to it on the Room Finder. The average length of stay requested for this room is 4.8 nights. That means with just TouringPlans requests, we could book this room for over three years.

What Does This Mean For You?

  1. Unlike at values and moderates, view seems to hold much more weight at deluxe resorts, compared to convenience/location at the more expansive value and moderate resorts.
  2. One trend holds true here – rooms that are popular tend to get you more than what the category you’re paying for promises. Secret savannas, peeks at Crescent Lake – it’s not a bad idea to look at photos on the Room Finder to learn from reviewers who have found these locations before.
  3. If a particular room on the Room Finder looks great, but you can’t afford the upgrade, take your time clicking over a few rooms, or up/down a floor or two. You might something very similar for a much lower price.

Have you requested or stayed in any of the rooms in this post? Do you have other suggestions for great places to stay at a deluxe resort? Let us know in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Which Rooms are Requested Most at Deluxe Resorts?

  • Seeing this as a heat map on top of the room maps for a couple of resorts would be a cool project extension…

    • Yeah, awesome thought Paul. I fully agree especially when it is someone else that gets the action item. 🙂

    • You all are … hilarious. But that is a pretty cool idea. We’ll see if I have time to make anything out of it 🙂

    • Ask and you shall receive, at least this time. Hopefully these image links work – I’ve never posted photos in comments before. I put together an embarrassingly low-tech POC for BoardWalk Inn (it’s the smallest single-building deluxe resort). (Just kidding – photo adding didn’t work. I’ll add them to the end of the post.)

      • Awesome! Where is the link to the backlog so I can +1 the request to get it as a feature onto the room finder?

  • I’ve stayed in 6044 in April 2018 (right next to the most requested room) and 5042 in October 2017 at Wilderness Lodge. At the time, those rooms were Standard rooms. When I looked those rooms up on the room finder now, I see that they are marked as Nature Fireworks View. And you definitely could see MK fireworks and Cinderella Castle from the room. I guess the classification and price have changed. So sad. Those were great standard rooms with awesome views.

  • Love this article. I plan to come back to it, when planning our next trip.

    Re. the Yacht Club room, I’m pretty sure that room gives you a view of the Epcot fireworks too. We stayed in a YC water view room adjacent to the wing with 4153. Our room looked straight out to Crescent Lake and was high enough to see the pool, but we couldn’t see the fireworks. Some of those rooms looked like they could.

    • Great tip about the fireworks! And I’m glad this information is useful for you 🙂

  • Do the categorizations of rooms ever change over the years, and if so, can/how does Touringplans track that? If I was running Animal Kingdom Lodge and saw that some “standard” rooms were mega-popular because they offered great savannah views, I would probably just reclassify those rooms as savannah view. Right?

    • Yes, Andy, Disney does tinker with their room categorization. We update our data/categorizations to match theirs as soon as we become aware of any changes. But we don’t keep track of historical changes – so we can’t say “on January XX, XXXX room #### changed from standard to preferred”. We just keep the current categories as accurate as possible.

      My hypothesis for those secret savanna rooms, etc, is that Disney would rather delight customers with unexpected good views, than have irate customers that haven’t seen any animals outside of their “savanna view” or whatever. Obviously they balance that with wanting to make as much money as possible. But if it was me, I’d play it a little safe on my categorization.

  • I had an amusing thought while reading this. If a particular room is popular with the Touring Plans readers, have their ever been instances where the Room Request tool has sent in competing requests for a specific room on a specific date?

    • Love that curiosity Nathan! I would guess, statistically, that it should have happened by now. So I looked it up! I’ll spoil the DVC post a little here, and say that the most-requested room at any resort is room 3914 at the Polynesian Villas and Bungalows. We have over 1,400 requests for just that one room. Looking at just that room as a use case, there are 1,718 nights since 2015 that we have sent requests for more than one party for the same night. The craziest example of this happening is for the night of September 14th, 2019, 12 different people requested room 3914 through our Room Request feature.


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