The Historical Crowd Calendar

While predicting future Disneyland crowds is probably more useful for planning your next Disneyland trip, sometimes it's fun to look at the past. If you remember what the Disneyland crowds were like on previous trips, you can compare our crowd measurements to what we're predicting and gain some perspective.

The crowd levels listed in our "historical" section are actual measurements using data collected from Disneyland Lines or from our own research team. Before Disneyland Lines, we made many, many spot checks throughout the year using our own research team (and we continue to do so). Where we don't have crowd data, our statistical modeling fills in.

By Day, By Month, By Year

We currently have two ways of viewing historical Disneyland crowd levels. The first is to use the handy tool on the left sidebar ("Jump to Date") to find a specific day. You can then toggle forwards and backwards from that date using the links at the top and bottom of the page.

You can also view the Calendar by month and year using the links below:

Notice anything wacky?

Because of the multiple and sometimes conflicting sources of park hours, there may a few discrepancies in the schedules for each day. If you notice anything that seems off (park hours, parade and fireworks schedules, etc), please contact us!.