How Disneyland Tickets Work

Theme park admission options are pretty straightforward at Disneyland Resort. You have only two things to decide:

  1. How many days admission you'll need.
  2. Whether you want to go to both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park on the same day. This is known as park hopping.

In 2016 Disneyland started implementing price tiers for 1-day theme park tickets, charging more for admission on dates when demand is higher. As of 2020 there are five separate "tiers" of 1-day ticket pricing. 1-day tickets are priced at $104, $114, $124, $139, and $154 for those age 10 or older. Tickets for kids aged 3-9 are $98, $108, $117, $132, and $146. The cheapest tickets (Tier 1) are found mid-week when school is in session. The most expensive tickets (Tier 5) are for busy holiday seasons like Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Our Crowd Calendar shows what price tier Disney has set for each day of the year.

Disney says its tickets expire within 14 days of the first day of use. In practice, they really mean 13 days after the first day of use. If you purchase a 4-Day ticket on June 1 and use it that day for admission to Disneyland, you'll be able to visit a single Disney theme park on any of your three remaining days from June 2 through June 14. After that, the ticket expires, and any unused days will be lost.

If you mistakenly bought multi-day tickets because you were not aware of the 13-day expiration, call 714-781-7290 or 714-781-4565 and ask to be connected to Guest Communications, which has the authority to issue you a voucher for the unused days on your ticket.

All admissions can be purchased at the park entrance, at the Disneyland Resort hotels, from the Walt Disney Travel Sales Center, on the Disneyland website, and at most Disney Stores in the western United States. One- and two-year-olds are exempt from admission fees.

The more days of admission you buy, the lower the cost per day. For example, if you buy an Adult 5-Day/1-Park ticket for $360, each day will cost $72, compared with up to $154 per day for a 1-day pass to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. The "Admission to 1 Park Per Day" tickets include between 1 and 5 days of park admission and admit you to exactly one theme park per day; you can re-enter your chosen park as many times as you like on that day.

Disneyland Ticket Costs and Discounts

It's possible to obtain discounts on all multiday tickets, but only in the 1% - 7% range. One place to purchase admissions at a discount is, where Disney sells tickets with Magic Morning. These tickets, in addition to the dollar discount, allow you to enter only Disneyland Park on select days 1 hour earlier than the general public one time during your visit. The feature is offered only on three-, four-, and five-day tickets purchased in advance of your visit.

If you purchase tickets on the Disneyland website, you can choose between hard tickets, which will be shipped to you, or eTickets, which can be downloaded as PDF files and printed at home. An eTicket printed from your home computer will show two bar codes. At the park entrance, a cast member will scan your eTicket and issue your actual ticket. You can also purchase one-day tickets through your smartphone using the Official Disneyland Mobile App without needing to print anything, but these mobile-purchased passes don't include any discounts or bonuses.

The deepest discounts we've found are from ARES Travel. ARES usually beats the Disney advance purchase price for multi-day tickets and also includes the Magic Morning feature. Note that a $2-per-ticket convenience fee is applied at checkout. You can order online or call 800-434-7894.

Military discounts are available for all Disney theme parks, usually in the 7% - 25% range. Check with your base Morale, Welfare, & Recreation office for information. Military ID may be required at the gate. Many readers report buying military tickets for friends and relatives who used them without problems. Also consider any special Military Promotional tickets being offered.

Disneyland Resort and other area attractions sometimes offer discounted afternoon and evening tickets for convention goers. See

One-Day One-Park Ticket

This pass is good for one day's admission at your choice of Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure. As the name implies, you cannot "hop" from park to park.

Disneyland's Park Hopper Ticket Option

A Park Hopper Ticket allows you to visit both parks on the same day. Multiday Park Hopper Tickets do not have to be used on consecutive days, but they do expire 13 days after their first use. On top of the base ticket cost, Park Hopper Tickets cost an additional $55.

Upgrading a Disneyland Ticket

Any time before a ticket expires, you can apply the value of unused days toward the cost of a higher priced ticket. If you buy a four-day Park Hopper ticket, for example, and then decide you'd rather have an Annual Passport, you can apply the value of unused days on the former toward the purchase of the latter. Upgraded passes expire on the same 13-day deadline date as the original ticket; annual passes expire one year from the first usage of the original ticket. To restrict the reselling of half-used passes, Disneyland photographs every multiday pass holder upon first entry for identification purposes; be prepared to have your pass (and face) scanned shortly before passing the turnstiles.

Disneyland Annual Passports

Annual Passports provide unlimited visits to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure theme parks for one year. There are several levels of these passes, each of which has different, park-specific blockout dates. Passholders are not able to use their Annual Passport to enter a park on a day when that park is blocked out for that pass. Parking is only included in highest level Passports: Signature and Signature Plus. Those with Annual Passports also get perks including food and merchandise discounts and seasonal offers such as room-rate discounts at Disneyland hotels.

The Annual Passport is not valid for special ticketed events like Oogie Boogie Bash or Disneyland After Dark (although there may be pass-related discounts for such events).

Disneyland Annual Passport Prices

  • Flex Passport (valid select dates, plus ability to reserve-in-advance most other dates) - $649
  • Southern California Select Annual Passport (valid 170 Disney-selected days) - $419
  • Southern California Annual Passport (valid most weekdays, select Sundays; although existing passes can be renewed, Disneyland suspended new sales of this pass) - Price Unknown
  • Deluxe Annual Passport (valid 315 Disney-selected days) - $829
  • Signature Annual Passport (valid 352 Disney-selected days) - $1,199
  • Signature Plus Annual Passport (valid every day) - $1,449

Disneyland Ticket Specials for Southern California Residents

Disney offers a special annual pass to Southern California residents living in ZIP codes 90000 to 93599. The Southern California Select Annual Pass ($419 for adults and kids age 3 and up) both offer admission and park-hopping privileges to Disneyland and DCA. This annual pass has a large number of block out dates throughout the year, including most weekends. See Disneyland's website for a list of blockout dates.

In addition, Disneyland sometimes sells discounted "SoCal Resident" multiday tickets for specific date ranges. If you live in Southern California, see Disneyland's SoCal Resident page to see what (if anything) is available.

More Discounts on Disneyland Tickets

Here's a list of Disneyland admission discounts available to certain groups and individuals:


Members can buy passes for a discount of 3 - 5%. Each AAA/CAA club sets its own prices for Disneyland tickets. Buying from AAA/CAA is usually cheaper than buying from Disney, but more expensive than buying from one of the ticket wholesalers in our search engine above.

Disney Vacation Club

Members get a discount on Annual Passes.


Disneyland, Universal, SeaWorld, and other parks sometimes set up a link cited in convention materials to purchase discounted afternoon and evening admissions. See and

Disney Corporate Sponsors

If you work for a Disneyland corporate sponsor, you might be eligible for discounted admissions or preferential treatment at the parks. Ask your employee-benefits office.

Military, Department of Defense, Civil Service

Active-duty and retired military, Department of Defense (DOD) civilian employees, some civil-service employees, and dependents of these groups can buy special Military Promotional 3-Day Park Hopper Tickets for $184. (See Disneyland's web page on Military Promotional tickets.) That's $181 less than a comparable ticket sold to the general public. (Heavily discounted 4-Day Park Hopper tickets are also available.) At most military and DOD installations, the passes are available from the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation office. Civil-service employees should contact their personnel office to see if they're eligible. Military personnel can buy a discounted admission for nonmilitary guests as long as the military member accompanies the nonmilitary member. If a group seeks the discount, at least half must be eligible for the military discount. Note that there are blockout weeks surrounding Christmas and Easter, so before purchasing make sure your travel dates are included in the promotion.

Disney Youth Education Series

Disney runs programs for K - 12 students to learn how the parks incorporate everything from performing arts to physics. The program runs every day and offers substantial ticket discounts (with substantial restrictions). Disney usually requires a 10-person minimum to attend these events, but waives the minimum on occasion. See for more information.

Where Not to Buy Disneyland Tickets

In addition to the many authorized sellers of Disney admissions, a number of bricks-and-mortar sellers exist. They buy unused days on legitimately purchased passes, then resell them as if they were newly issued.

These resellers are easy to identify: They insist that you specify exactly which dates you plan to use the ticket. They know, of course, how many days are left on the pass and when it expires. If you tell them you plan to use it tomorrow and the next two days, they'll sell you a ticket that has three days remaining and expires in three days.

Naturally, because they don't tell you this, you assume the usual 14-day expiration period from the date of first use. In the case of your tickets, however, the original purchaser triggered the 14-day expiration period. If you decide to skip a day instead of using the pass on the next three consecutive days, you'll discover to your chagrin that it has expired.

Disneyland Ticket Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I Use 2 "Days" of My Ticket to Visit 2 Parks on the Same Day Without the "Park Hop" Option?
A: No, and we've tried. Disney's computer systems won't allow it.

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