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    Disneyland Dining

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Disneyland Resort Dining Introduction

We're here to help you find good food without going broke or tripping over one of Disneyland Resort's many culinary land mines. More than 50 restaurants operate in Disneyland Resort, including about 20 full-service restaurants, several of which are inside the theme parks. Collectively, Disney restaurants offer reasonable variety, serving everything from Louisiana Creole to Texas barbecue, but sadly, international cuisines other than Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean, and Italian are not represented.

On the upside, seen a dramatic an improvement in Disneyland restaurant quality since 2010, though the gains have leveled off lately. Some establishments have undergone complete menu makeovers, with terrific results. the selections are more varied and exciting, the fare is fresher, and the care in preparation and service has improved tenfold.

Unlike other attractions and shops inside the resort, the food and beverage operation remains in constant flux. Venues open and close, add and delete menu items, and change decor throughout the year. We strive to provide you with the most accurate information possible; however, we do eventually have to go to press with the most current information we have at the time. Keep this in mind when using the guide.

You can expect to pay hefty prices for food within Disneyland Resort. Nearly every entree, snack, and drink purchased inside the theme parks and resort hotels will cost anywhere from 50% to 300% more than similar items at your hometown eateries. On the concession markup scale, Disneyland falls just behind airports and sports stadiums. However, its food is a bargain compared to some regional theme parks, and you can find munchies for moderate mall-like prices in Downtown Disney.

With fine dining offered inside California Adventure, you can enjoy a glass of wine, a mug of beer, or even a cocktail inside the resorts without having to exit the park. Downtown Disney offers a wide variety of dining options, from mediocre to awesome, from intimate and adult to wild and kid-friendly. The Grand Californian Hotel is home to Napa Rose, one of the finest dining spots in all of Anaheim, and even character meals at eateries such as PCH Grill offer better, healthier food than ever before.

Note: Dining reservations gives you the option of picking a time and cutting to the head of the line. You may still have to wait, but it's from the front of the line instead of the back.

Mobile Ordering

It is possible to use mobile food ordering in the theme parks at Disneyland Resort, much like they have at Walt Disney World. This allows guests to pre-order items at many Quick Service restaurants using the Disneyland smartphone app. This video explains the process:

Last updated on September 13, 2021