Description And Comments

This interactive game is based on Russel's Boy Scout–esque troop from the movie Up, in which you earn "badges" (stickers) by traveling around the park to complete predefined activities. When you register for the game (near the bridge from the Oasis to Discovery Island), you'll be given instructions and a map showing the park location for each task to be completed.

Tasks include solving a puzzle, going on a scavenger hunt, or learning about a culture. There’s lots of interaction with cast members, who have been specially trained for this game. Also, cast members are able to tailor the activities based on the age of the child playing: small children might get an explanation about what "deforestation" means, for example, while older kids may have to figure out why tigers have stripes. Like Agent P's World Showcase Adventure, Wilderness Explorers integrates well into its park.

Touring Tips

Activities are spread throughout the park, including areas to which many guests never venture. You have to ride specific attractions to earn certain badges, so using FastPass+ for those will save time.

Special Comments

Collecting all 32 badges takes 3–5 hours, which can be done over several days.

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