Of the park's six full-service restaurants, Be Our Guest (dinner) in Fantasyland is the best, followed by Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square and The Plaza Restaurant on Main Street.

These two restaurants' menus have the most variety within the Magic Kingdom. Be Our Guest serves a tasty tuna niçoise salad (with seared tuna), a grilled-ham-and-cheese sandwich that’s better than you’d expect, and a juicy braised-pork entree. Columbia Harbour House’s offerings include lobster rolls, grilled salmon, and a delicious hummus sandwich on multigrain bread. Beyond these, the Magic Kingdom’s fast-food eateries are undistinguished, not to mention about twice as expensive as McDonald’s, for about the same quality.

A good rule of thumb with Magic Kingdom dining is that most counter service restaurants are the same, with the exceptions of Be Our Guest Restaurant (lunch) and Columbia Harbour House, which are the best in the park.

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Magic Kingdom Dining Tips

Before you begin eating your way through Magic Kingdom, you need to know:

Every Magic Kingdom table service and quick service restaurant ranked by reader survey responses.

Best Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants
Name Quality Disney Dining Plan? Reader Ratings
Liberty Tree Tavern
Liberty Square - Table Service
Good Yes 92%
For lunch: New England–style pot roast, roast turkey, and sandwiches. Family-style character dining at dinner, with all-you-can-eat turkey, carved beef, and smoked pork loin.
Be Our Guest Restaurant (dinner)
Fantasyland - Table Service
Excellent Yes 91%
Pan-seared salmon on leek fondue; New York strip.
The Crystal Palace
Fantasyland - Table Service
Fair Yes 87%
Pancakes layered with fresh fruit for breakfast; prime rib, roast pork, and peel-and-eat shrimp for dinner; Thai curry mussels; grilled vegetables with balsamic glaze; pasta with wild mushrooms and chicken; shrimp; and a sundae bar.
Cinderella’s Royal Table
Fantasyland - Table Service
Fair Yes 84%
Creamy lobster soup; seared Scottish salmon; grilled New York strip steak; Chocolate Wave dessert. For kids: fish of the day, fried shrimp, cheesy pasta, and grilled chicken breast.
The Plaza Restaurant
Main Street, U.S.A. - Table Service
Poor Yes 83%
Veggie sandwich, club sandwich, chicken-strawberry salad, and ice-cream desserts such as the Plaza banana split or sundae.
Tony’s Town Square Restaurant
Main Street, U.S.A. - Table Service
Poor Yes 74%
For lunch: sausage-and-pepperoni flatbread and spaghetti with meatballs. For dinner: cioppino, braised short rib, and New York strip.
Best Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants
Name Quality Disney Dining Plan? Reader Ratings
Aloha Isle
Adventureland - Quick Service
Excellent No 95%
Soft-serve ice cream; ice-cream floats; fresh pineapple spears; chips; juice, bottled water, coffee, tea.
Columbia Harbour House
Liberty Square - Quick Service
Good Yes 93%
Healthful options such as grilled salmon with couscous and broccoli and the Lighthouse Sandwich with hummus and broccoli slaw. Other choices: fried fish and shrimp; lobster rolls; chicken nuggets; child’s plate with macaroni and cheese, PB&J sandwich, chicken nuggets, or tuna sandwich with grapes; New England clam chowder; vegetarian chili; coleslaw; garden salad; chocolate cake, seasonal cobbler, strawberry yogurt.
Be Our Guest Restaurant (lunch)
Fantasyland - Quick Service
Excellent Yes 91%
Tuna niçoise salad; croque monsieur; carved-turkey and roast-beef sandwiches; braised pork with bacon mashed potatoes; veggie quiche; quinoa salad. Kids’ meals include carved turkey sandwich, pulled pork, a tasty meat loaf, or pasta with marinara sauce.
Gaston's Tavern
Fantasyland - Quick Service
Good Yes 88%
Roast pork shank (the porcine equivalent of the giant turkey leg), hummus with chips, cinnamon rolls, chocolate croissants, LeFou's Brew (frozen apple juice flavored with toasted marshmallow).
The Friar’s Nook
Fantasyland - Quick Service
Good Yes 87%
Hot dogs, specialty macaroni and cheese (bacon cheeseburger, blue cheese with balsamic vinegar), veggies and chips with hummus, freshly made potato chips, lemonade slush.
Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
Frontierland - Quick Service
Good Yes 86%
One-third-pound Angus cheeseburgers; barbecue-pork sandwiches; veggie burgers; steak-and-chicken platter; Southwest chicken salad; taco salad; chili; child’s plate with burger or salad with grilled chicken and child’s beverage; fries and chili-cheese fries; strawberry yogurt and carrot cake.
Casey's Corner
Main Street, U.S.A. - Quick Service
Fair Yes 85%
Hot dogs, corn-dog nuggets, fries, and brownies.
Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
Tomorrowland - Quick Service
Good Yes 85%
Rotisserie chicken and ribs; burgers (and vegetarian burgers); hot dogs; Greek salad; chicken, turkey and vegetable sandwiches; chicken-noodle soup; chili-cheese fries; strawberry yogurt for dessert. Kosher choices available by request.
Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant
Tomorrowland - Quick Service
Fair Yes 82%
One-third-pound Angus bacon cheeseburger; fried-chicken sandwich; chicken nuggets; pasta alone or with shrimp or chicken; lobster roll; beef-and-blue-cheese salad; citrus shrimp salad; chocolate cake, carrot cake, or yogurt for dessert.
Tortuga Tavern
Adventureland - Quick Service
Fair Yes 81%
Beef taco salad; chicken Caesar salad; beef nachos; chicken, beef, or vegetarian burritos; quesadillas and PB&J sandwiches for kids.
The Pinocchio Village Haus
Fantasyland - Quick Service
Fair Yes 77%
Personal pizzas; chicken nuggets; fries; Caesar salad with chicken; meatball sub sandwiches; Mediterranean salad; kids’ meals of pizza, mac and cheese, or PB&J.
Golden Oak Outpost
Frontierland - Quick Service
Good Yes 76%
Chicken nuggets; fried-chicken-breast sandwiches; fries; chocolate cake, carrot cake, and cookies.
The Lunching Pad
Tomorrowland - Quick Service
Good Yes 74%
Sweet cream-cheese pretzel, frozen sodas, hot dogs.

Magic Kingdom Counter Service Restaurants without ratings

Food Carts

Food carts come and go in Magic Kingdom, but in most lands you'll be able to find bottled beverages, popcorn, and ice cream novelties. Special items include turkey legs (Frontierland), churros, and egg rolls (Adventureland). Don't worry, you're never far from a food cart in Magic Kingdom. While these carts move from time to time (that's why they have wheels), we do try to keep up with them on our comprehensive list of Magic Kingdom food spots.

Seasonal Dining at Magic Kingdom

There are some dining locations at Magic Kingdom that are only open during busier times of year (even then may only open for lunch). These include: