Universal Orlando Tickets

Universal offers tickets good for 1 to 4 days of admission to its theme parks. The basic ticket is called Single Park Admission and includes entry to one theme park per day. If you buy a basic two-day ticket, you can visit Islands of Adventure on one day and Universal Studios Florida on the next. You can also leave and return to the same park on the same day, in case you want to head back to your hotel for a nap.

If you want to visit both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure on the same day, purchase the Park-to-Park Admission, which allows you to move freely between both parks on the same day. The chart below shows what every combination of ticket costs, both from Universal and from ticket wholesalers.

Like Disney, Universal offers substantial discounts on the per-day cost of 2, 3, and 4-day tickets. The average cost of each day's admission on an adult 2-day Single Park ticket is $67, and drops to $40 per day for a 4-day Single Park ticket. And, like Disney, tickets expire 14 days after their first used.

To encourage buying in advance, Universal Orlando offers $20 discounts on multi-day tickets if they are purchased online via UniversalOrlando.com. The prices shown below are the prices that you would find on the Universal website. To calculate the price you would pay at the gate, simply add $20 to any ticket except those that are for 1-Day. The single day tickets are the same price at the gate and online.

Saving Money on Admission to Universal Orlando

If you're trying to keep costs to an absolute minimum and you can order them at least two weeks before your trip, consider using an online ticket wholesaler, such as The Official Ticket Center or Undercover Tourist. All tickets sold are brand-new, and the savings can range from $1 to $5 per person, depending on the ticket chosen. These are the same companies we recommend when buying Disney admission wholesale. The Official Ticket Center has an office in Kissimmee, too.

Ticket Prices

Ticket Universal Orlando Website
(inc 6.5% tax)
(inc tax+shipping)
(inc tax; add $10 per order for
Priority Mail)
1-Day Adult Single Park 102.24 106.95 107.24
1-Day Child Single Park 95.85 100.58 100.85
2-Day Adult Single Park 144.83 146.49 144.00
2-Day Child Single Park 134.18 135.52 134.00
3-Day Adult Single Park 155.48 153.19 152.00
3-Day Child Single Park 143.76 142.21 141.00
4-Day Adult Single Park 166.13 163.40 162.00
4-Day Child Single Park 153.35 151.44 149.00
1-Day Adult Park-to-Park 144.84 140.29 138.00
1-Day Child Park-to-Park 138.45 132.32 130.50
2-Day Adult Park-to-Park 187.43 177.99 176.00
2-Day Child Park-to-Park 176.78 167.99 166.00
3-Day Adult Park-to-Park 198.08 189.07 188.00
3-Day Child Park-to-Park 186.36 178.07 176.00
4-Day Adult Park-to-Park 208.73 203.71 194.00
4-Day Child Park-to-Park 195.95 189.00 184.00

Last updated on May 28, 2014