Touring the Animal Kingdom is not as complicated as touring the other parks because it offers a smaller number of attractions. Also, most Animal Kingdom rides, shows, and zoological exhibits are oriented to the entire family, thus eliminating differences of opinion regarding how to spend the day. At the Animal Kingdom, the whole family can pretty much see and enjoy everything together. Since there are fewer attractions than at the other parks, expect the crowds at the Animal Kingdom to be more concentrated.

If a line seems unusually long, ask an Animal Kingdom cast member what the estimated wait is. If the wait exceeds your tolerance, try the same attraction again after 3 p.m., while a show is in progress at the Theater in the Wild in DinoLand U.S.A., or while some special event is going on.

Touring Plans for Parents with Small Children

We developed many of these plans when preparing to visit the parks with our own children (ages 2 through 8). Most plans offer a mid-day break of at least three hours back at your hotel. It's debatable whether the kids will need the nap more than you, but you'll thank us later, we promise.

Touring Plans for Parents with Tweens

These plans are designed for children ages 8 to 12. They include every attraction rated three stars and higher by this age group, and sets aside ample time for lunch and dinner.

Touring Plans for Adults

The one-day plans are designed for adults (and teens) wishing to see as much of the park as possible in a single day.

Touring Plans for Seniors

We offer touring plans specifically designed for seniors which take walking distances and attraction ratings from this group into account. If you like to get to the park early, virtually all of the plans designed to start at park opening are also designed to work during morning Extra Magic Hours.

Touring Plans for The Whole Family

These Touring Plans are designed for The Whole Family, which may include small children, tweens, teens, and even seniors!

Ultimate Touring Plans

Have you ever wanted to experience every attraction in one day?

Personalized Touring Plans

Are none of our premium plans perfect for you? With Personalized Touring Plans, you choose a date, arrival time, set of attractions, and any breaks you require. Then let our optimization software determine the best order in which to experience what you chose!

Choosing The Right Touring Plan For You

If your party consists of teens or teens and adults, start with the adult touring plans. Teens and adults almost always rate an attraction within one-half a star on our five-star scale, and the touring plans for both groups would be essentially the same.

We also offer a plan for families with children of all different ages, from pre-school through teens. This "Happy Family" touring plan allow the older children to separate (briefly) from the parents to ride roller coasters, before meeting up with the rest of the family again. We've also got touring plans for Disney Cruise guests, designed to cover the highlights of the park in a one-day shore excursion. Finally, if you don't see a plan that covers your needs, drop us a line and make a suggestion.