Description And Comments

On the outskirts of town sits the junkyard home of Mater, the redneck tow truck voiced by Larry the Cable Guy. In his yard sit 22 baby tractors, each towing an open-air two-seater trailer. While Mater's voice emerges from a jury-rigged jukebox singing one of seven specially composed square-dancing tunes (plus one hilarious hidden song that plays only once per hour), the tractors travel in overlapping figure-8 patterns along interlocking turntables. The vehicles are transferred from one revolving turntable to another, creating near-miss moments much like Francis' Ladybug Boogie. The difference is that Mater's trailers swing freely from side to side, creating a centripetal snapping sensation similar to vintage whip carnival rides. Mater's may look like a simple kiddie ride, but it supplies an unexpected kick that draws us back for repeated spins.

Touring Tips

Mater is the breakout hit character of the Cars franchise, and his namesake ride is visually attractive but slow-loading. Still, it typically has the shortest queue of the three Cars Land attractions.

Special Comments

Must be 32" tall to ride.

Special Needs

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