Description And Comments

Minnie's House consists of a self-guided tour through the various rooms and backyard of Mickey Mouse's main squeeze. Similar to Mickey's House, only predictably more feminine, Minnie's House likewise showcases some fun Disney memorabilia. Among the highlights of the short tour are the fanciful appliances in Minnie's kitchen. Like Mickey, Minnie is usually present to receive guests.

Touring Tips

The main difference between Mickey's House and Minnie's House is that Minnie's House cannot accommodate as many guests. See Minnie early and before Mickey to avoid waiting outdoors in a long queue. Be advised that neither Mickey nor Minnie is available during parades.

Minnie usually leaves her house for the day around 4:30 p.m. so make sure that you plan accordingly. Also, unlike the line to met Mickey, Minnie's line is outside her house and on hot days, the wait can be lengthy and quite intense.

Special Comments

OK but not great.

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